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Router Speed

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At the start of the year I started having some issues with my router speed. It used to be a fairly solid 56Mbits/s. Then it started to desync occassionally and the speed dropped to the low 50's. After a bit of investigation it transpired it was a bad RJ11 cable and once I replaced it the connect synced at 56 again. After a few months it started to drop speed again though it was stable, it only seemed to drop after it was restarted which it seems to do automatically every month. The speed eventually dropped to about 51. Then last week when it restarted for the firmware update it resynced at 56. Happy days I thought the firmware has improved my speed. Then about two days later it resynced again at 50, which is where it is at now. I did a line test on the service status page and it says , "Our health check on your service shows that your speed to your router could be improved." Anything you can do remotely to improve this? Thanks.

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