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Router internet keeps dropping out

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Having a bit of a nightmare with my router. Every 20 minutes or so, the internet light on the router goes off completely, all other lights stay green and on. After 2 minutes or so, the internet light comes back on but stays red. This then repeats - light goes off, comes back on red - and then the light comes back to green and the internet comes back on. Whenever it goes off or is red, we lose all internet service but the router stays connected as my browser displays a 'Your TalkTalk router is not connected to the internet' error if i try to browse. This has been going on for two days now.


Have reported this to TalkTalk via phone and keep going around in circles. Spent an hour on the phone this morning being told all of their service and network checks come back as fine, my internet speed is fine, etc etc. Pretty sure the issue is my router being on the blink (can't really be anything else)! Did a hard reset while on the phone with the person I spoke to this morning and it hasn't fixed anything at all. As you can imagine its practically impossible to do anything online with a connection that drops out every 20 minutes.


Help gratefully received as this is driving me a bit mad!


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Hi mariajarmola 


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you update your Community profile to include your name, telephone number and alternative contact number, we can then look into this further (Please do not post this information on this thread)


Please bump this thread to confirm once your Community profile has been updated.