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Router making ticking noise?

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I don't know if this is any cause for concern as my internet etc otherwise seems to be working perfectly well, but the noise is driving me crazy not knowing what it is, as it's next to my desk!


My WiFi hub seems to be constantly making a soft regular ticking noise. It sounds very similar to a clock ticking, similar volume too, and happens around every 1.5 seconds. The closest match on Google says it could be an A/C surge (!?!) but everything else is fine! We've had the router for about a month now, but only noticed the noise recently as I have started sitting close to the router.


Not sure if I'm being overly paranoid, but just want to be certain that there isn't a fault, as I haven't known routers to make this noise before!


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Hi @kestrel1,


What model of router do you have ?


If you would like some help from the support team here on the community you would need to start your own topic, as this is a very old topic now, and the support team can only help the customer who originally created the topic. So if you wanted to create your own topic about this then the team here should hopefully be able to reply tomorrow.


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Also, I just ran the 2 minute speed test and while I ran it the ticking sound went crazy! 



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My router also ticks (since getting the faster fibre). Talk talk said it's not normal and sent me another.... Guess what, that ticks too. It's very annoying and a bit anxiety making.... Has anyone established what it actually is and whether it is a fire risk? 



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I'm happy to report that it seems like a normal occurrence, at least in my case!


It's been over a year now since I made this post, and the router has been plugged in 24/7, and ticking away throughout that time with no change. Our internet has been perfectly fine, and we've had no issues otherwise. Of course double check if you have any concerns! The article kindly linked earlier in this message thread seems to break down the likely reason behind it if you want a bit more info 🙂


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Apologies, I can see that we're currently looking into this for you.





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Sorry to revive such an old post, but was this eventually considered normal and okay? My 2 week old router is also making this noise..

Aaron Murphy

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Ah - didn't think of it being the inductor (choke) on the modem! That's quite a comprehensive review & tear-down in that web article.


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Thanks for the information Piethorne




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OK thanks, I've passed on your comments to our Product Team. I'll let you know when they get back to me



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There is a mention of what may be the cause in a review in the thread Wifi-Hub vs Wifi-Hub-Black (post 3)


The actual review is at:


Search for the words "click"  and "clicking" on that page...

I'm just a customer who might be able to help, not official help & support.

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Thanks for responses all!


Yes all three routers are the same model.


We have only recently moved in but in the ~6 weeks we've been here now we haven't had any issues with the electrics (touch wood!). No trips resetting, flickering, or anything else described.


A thread for a different provider seemed to suggest that the DSL port switching could be making a ticking noise? We don't have a phone plugged in at all, so could this be the cause?


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I assume you haven't been using TikTok too much have you? 😆


Just a lateral thought, have you had any electrical issues (trips resetting, kettle taking varying times to boil roughly the same amount of water, lights increasing/decreasing in brightness and/or blowing often, for example).


Different routers exhibiting the same sort-of symptoms tends to suggest an electrical supply issue. It could be the mains voltage is too high (or too low - but I think most router adaptors can go down to 120V (is that right?)), or fluctuating excessively.


The UK mains voltage is (at time of writing) 230V + 10% or - 6% (there were stories that they wanted to make it 230±10%, but I've not had any confirmation of that or if they've already done so) meaning it can be anything between 216.2V - 253V.


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Thanks for the update. Just to confirm, are all three routers the same make and model?



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SO, we just received our new router and adapter from Talk Talk, plugged it in... And that one ticks too! Maybe slightly quieter but that's about it!


I tried listening out for the noise straight after plugging in (ear pressed against the box!) and this is what happens: there is a very quiet high pitched noise immediately after plug in. This lasts for maybe 10-15 seconds, then an odd sort of double clicking noise, the high pitched tone stops, and the usual clicking starts. This is exactly the same each time, and for each router. It sounds like the clicking is louder coming from the back of the box, but can't narrow it down any further than that.


At this point I think we're just giving in and living with it, and assuming that it's just normal functioning noise, as there doesn't seem to be any other answer.


If anyone else has experienced this would really appreciate a more solid conclusion though! Thanks all for the help!


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OK thanks for the information. I asked about leaving it on in case it was something to do with the router warming up each time you switch it on. Please let us know how you get on with the new router



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Hi Chris,


Thanks for your response!


It's certainly a weird one, I've never experienced this noise before either!


It does seem to be coming from the body of the router, I haven't been able to narrow it down any further than that, unfortunately. I have tried moving it around, listening from all angles but hard to tell other than somewhere within the body. Google searching does seem to suggest it's an a/c adapter issue, but it's strange that the same issue seems to be present in our old system router/adapter also.


The router is sat reasonably close to a monitor and a TV, but plugging in to a kitchen wall socket produced the same sound.


We do usually leave it switched on constantly, but for the moment we are unplugging at night for peace of mind. No change! Sounds stops completely as soon as it is unplugged, and resumes shortly after plugging back in, at around the time the internet connection comes back.


I have called TalkTalk and they're sending us a new router to try, so hopefully this fixes the problem!


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Hi am11037,


This is a new one on me, I've never heard of a router ticking, I currently have two wifi hubs plugged in and neither of them tick. Is the ticking coming from the body of the router or the AC adapter?


PC hard drives can make a ticking noise so thought initially that this was probably the source of the ticking, but if you've tested with the router connected to a wall socket away from your PC then obviously not that.


Do you leave your router switched on 24/7? 




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How bizarre, that would be strange to have two routers with the same issue. Probably best to wait for the staff here to respond to see what they suggest.

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Hi @Skynet_T


So tried plugging in the other router, different power cable and everything... That router ticks too!!?!


We even tried plugging in to the socket in a completely different room, and there is still ticking from both routers.


Have we somehow managed to get two faulty routers or a/c adaptors?


At this point could this be a problem with our electrics? Or is this just a normal sound for some people? Going to try giving talk talk a call!


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Yep, no harm in trying the old router if you want to