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Router not connecting since switch to Internet & Phone

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I haven't been able to connect to the internet via my wifi router since I switched over from TalkTalk's legacy Broadband only service to Internet & Phone. I'm actually using my own Belkin router rather than one supplied from TalkTalk, but it has worked ok up till now with fast connection speeds. But as soon as I went live with the new service the router failed to connect. Seems like the router is trying to settle on a speed for a few seconds before dropping and trying again in an endless loop. I haven't changed the settings since they are the same as those provided by TalkTalk for generic routers. I've done just about every fault finding measure I can think of, including a line test (which returned no fault on the line), plus I also contacted Live Help though on this occasion they couldn't do anything. Just wondering if some line parameters got changed when I switched over? Funny thing is I tried an old USB ADSL modem I had from Tiscali days and it manages to connect fine! Could it be a speed issue on the new service, since the modem syncs at a lower line rate than the router used to do. I don't know if the line settings can be tweaked in some way since I know it worked fine up till now. I don't want an engineer out since I am pretty sure there's not a fault issue at my end (just settings perhaps). I would consider a router supplied by TalkTalk if it were the only way to resolve things.