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Router red light / router have died!

First Timer

Im super disappointed, only 10 days after i started using Talk Talk broadband my router died. All of the sudden my internet connection was lost, and i had no idea what could be the problem.


After reseting router, it keeps showing red light. I've tried few things from previous threads on forum, but nothing seems to work. Red light is still there, which seems like router have died.


I'm really upset since its my 10th day using this broadband and it went down right on the beginning of my weekend. 


I guess replacement is needed, please send one asap. 


There is no support on here at weekends.


Is your phone line still working ?


You should call the support line.

First Timer

I've talked to support on saturday, they told me im gonna get new router for free as replacement.


THEN i got SMS message where they've told me im NOT gonna get new one because they think old one is fine.


Well its not. Still red light, still not working. Googling this issue didnt helped.


Great, now im gonna be without the internet i paid for even longer!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Eos1300


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your TalkTalk telephone number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.