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Rubbish Internet speed - help required urgently please

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Please can someone help me urgently? I have paid for Faster Fibre and Fibre Speed Boost but my internet speed is total rubbish. 26.6MB download, 13.5 Mb upload. I have been a very loyal TT customer for 18 years. I work voluntarily in my community and need a good internet speed for all my projects including council meetings - we aren't Handforth council BTW! I was the only person needing to watch an important meeting last Thursday evening that couldn't. Also why on earth can we not phone TT customer service now - what has happened? I feel very let down and will be leaving TT if this doesn't improve immediately. Thank you very much.

Regards, Andy


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Hi Andy,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Line test is passing and sync speed looks good but I can see that there have been some reconnections. Are you experiencing slow speeds on devices connected to your router by Ethernet cable and wifi?



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Hi, Thank you both for the advice. I am sorry to say but eventually, Talktalk will have to admit that with the world on the internet during this dreadful pandemic that their system is a weak link. I haven't said this in 18 years as a customer but out of 18 people including councillors listening to an important meeting why was I the only one in the area to lose my broadband? Best wishes, Andy


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Hi @AndyG55,


Staff here will respond, but it will often take them a few working days to reach a new topic.


If you go to the Service Centre what does it show for your estimated speed range. If you log into your router to check your sync speed does this show speeds below that estimated range.


If you are running a speed test are you running it from a wired or wireless device, it is best to run it from a wired device to get accurate results.


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to ‘Run a live connection test’ on your phone line, this will indicate if there is currently a fault on your line that might be affecting your speed. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Also, if you have a landline phone can you check to see if that is working normally (i.e. you have a clear dial tone and no noise on the line).

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A dis-connect of 30 minutes (one-off) and then re-connect can start a new session, and hopefully new speed records.


Some, hopefully relevant, contact details....

If you’re an existing TalkTalk customer, and you’d like to speak to someone about your account and billing, moving house, to get some technical support, or make a complaint,
call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088 – it’s free if you call from a TalkTalk landline,
or alternatively 0345 172 0046 – it’s free if you call from a TalkTalk landline.


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Can anyone reply please? Or am I being unrealistic? I'm sad to say Talktalk is currently letting customers down.
Many thanks,