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Sagemcom FAST 5634-3.T8 keeps rebooting - significantly impacting working

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Over the past week or so this TalkTalk router has been rebooting a few times a day. This not only loses internet connection but also any streaming between devices on the same network.


I would have liked to have a TalkTalk service chat as I have before but cannot find any options to do this via the Webpage & MyAccount so guess I post here for TalkTalk staff to see?


Not sure how you contact me from this message but would like a solution asap please.


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Hi KrystalineD,

Thanks for the detail. I'm using a Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant as my central home automation control (via the Website and mobile App) and on here have Tado (one IP address), Kasa and Melross Smart Switches, Tapo and Reolink cameras, a few ESP32 modules with my own code then various mobiles, TVs, PCs. Home Assistant works direct with most devices so not via any cloud requirement.

I have changed the main router to the new one supplied (DG8041) and the old as a secondary router - all DHCP supplied by the new DG8041 so same number of IP devices but reduces the number of WiFi connections for the main router as some are via the secondary.

New router started at 38Mbs for a few days but slowly has dropped to 33Mbs (my FAST was around 27Mbs). 

The new router is still re-booting but not so often - yesterday around 3x - otherwise once every day or so. The trouble I have is that the new router DG8041 does not seem to allocate the same IP addresses to the same device each time --- which is a requirement for many of the devices to function in the Home Assistant. This did not happen with the FAST router. The router can only enable configuration of 16 IP addresses via the MAC but this doesn't seem to work any way. I don't have any non TalkTalk router to use instead for DHCP. 

Sounds like I am going in the right direction but not fully working yet.


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Hi @Paul550 ,


Have you made any progress or improvements yet? 

I used to have a similar issue with my TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub (router) when i first stepped into the world of smart devices. My smart home ecosystem is purely Google & Tuya/Smartlife devices and even though they don't use very much bandwidth, they do need an active internet connection and therefore use some bandwidth. 

This makes me wonder what smart system & devices you're using if they truly don't use any bandwidth. 

As someone has already told you, the TalkTalk routers really don't like working with more than about 8 devices. I was ok until i got around 15 devices, then it was constantly locking up or restarting. 

My "fix" involved connecting an old router via ethernet cable to the TalkTalk router and configuring all of my smart devices to connect to the secondary router. We now have around 50 smart devices connected to the second router which is responsible for allocating IP addresses to those devices. 

The main TalkTalk router is responsible for all of the wired devices (PCs, printers, xbox etc) as well as our main Wi-Fi for tablets, laptops and phones as well as our 3 chromecasts & smart speakers. 


Since splitting our network in this way, the router no longer locks up or restarts and all of our smart devices function quickly and rarely go offline. 


I think the problem lies within the DHCP / IP Address allocation system within the TalkTalk router. Instead of having to allocate addresses to every smart device and keep the online servers continually updated with those devices, the TT router now assigns one address to each wired device and one to the secondary router and updates the online server with that one address which is a significantly smaller number of addresses to process every few seconds.

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

Update your community profile with your account & contact info so TT team members can help you.

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Hi Paul550


Apologies for this.


Please let us know how the connection compares with the replacement router.






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Thanks for the response above. In the end I did fine the live chat and spent over 2.5 hours chatting to them. I did outline that it was a router rebooting issue but we still did Speed checks 8 times on two devices (I am getting 26Mbps from my 38Mbps package - which I would like to improve on somehow at some point).


Part of the reason why it was so long was that each advisor session took so long to run line checks that the router randomly rebooted (and one time reset so lost all settings) that I then had to start a new chat with a new advisor and cover some of the same discussions / tests again ---- I got through 4 advisors before finally getting a new router being sent to me.


One thing that was mentioned was that I have 29 devices in the house that connected to the network. Many are either a tablet that is actually in sleep continually (not used) or are Smart switches or other small devices that only communicate on the local network to other devices so use no bandwidth. I was told that the router can only handle 5-8 devices otherwise it overheats -- I am not sure that will be true from sleeping devices that use no data but could be that this specific Talktalk router does have a limitation on devices that it has issued IP addresses to(?).


Mentioned in case it helps anyone else - will see how I get on with a replacement router in the next few days and report back.


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Hi Paul


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults. Would you like me to send a different router for testing?






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Hi @Paul550,


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to run a connection test on your line, this will indicate if there is currently a fault affecting your service. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Staff here can identify you from the information that you have filled in on your community profile (as a minimum you need to fill in your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number), don't post any personal info here in this topic. The icon appearing next to your avatar indicates that you have filled in your profile, so staff here should be able to help, they will likely respond to this post tomorrow.


You can also get support from the live chat or calling customer services on 0345 172 0088 during opening hours.