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Setting up second hand wifi hub

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Hi.. I've got a secondhand wifi hub. Sagemcom Fast 5364 3 T8 on xxx16t firmware. I've factory reset it, then connected it using ppp with my telephone number and password blank and it connects and everything seems fine but when I check Internet connectivity it says it is connected to isp on ipv4 as Dhcp. I have a few wired old routers connected to it acting as access bridges and powerline adapters too in a very large house.. The WiFi seems very unstable, especially the 5ghz band, and after a few days I have huge WiFi dropping connections issues and have to reboot router.. Which works fine for a day or so then it does the same thing and loses WiFi connections.. Is there another setting that I need to do or missed out? 

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Hi @Jlang the email WiFi issue might just be the reason the router is secondhand. Whilst your post has been flagged for assistance I'm not sure tt will be able to help you with something which really should have been returned for recycling. 

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