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Slow broadband after email advising 'we are trying to improve your connection speed'

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Joined TT in June 2108, the connection speed was consistent and steady at downstream 6350kbps upstream 1019kbps.

All was good for the 1st year. So I agreed to renew for a further 18 months in June 2019.


Received an email from TT in August 2019 "we’re trying to speed things up for you at no extra cost", then in Sept 2019 "sorry we’ve not been able to make these improvements for you".

No problem for me the speed 1019/6350 was good enough for my needs.


Since this 'check to make improvements' the speed has been unstable and is now at 1019kbps/2048kbps with frequent disconnections, the router reporting intermittent sync.


Appears the investigation, whatever that was, has ruined a perfectly good connection and put me in a worse situation.

Connection to online help has been fruitless as only told that the connection is the best your line can support and it appears upselling is a priority, you need to 'upgrade' to fibre, no help given in checking the 'copper' connection. A promised callback to my mobile was just a single ring and line dead. TTis truly a very frustrating Co to deal with.


It seems to a cynical me that the present connection at 1019/2048 is just above the minimum promised in June 2018, and so is within parameters for my contract. I would like to get back to the higher speed I experienced during the 1st year of service, clearly the line can support this speed, and there is no need to 'upgrade' to faster fibre.


can someone at TT please check the status of my line and assist to sort this out.






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Hi going to be impossible to contact you within contact details!

Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
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