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Slow network connection to smart TV after getting fibre

First Timer
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Hi, after getting upgraded to fibre I cannot use netflix on my smarttv. I get a network connection error from netflix . The connection to the TV is good. The problem is not solved when the TV is connected via the ether net cable. I recently upgraded to a faster WiFi package with you hoping this would help. It has not. You also promised to send me out a new router when I renewed to fix this issue. You have not. You also charged me a connection fee when I renewed despite not telling me this when you described the package I agreed to. Given that you were price matching a counter broadband deal from another operator this was very cheeky, and frankly unacceptable, as I wouldn't have had to pay that if I left you. So now I am tied in for another 2 years. My connection issue is not fixed. I have spent ages contacting netflix testing various things, they say it is my network, and only my isp can help. Can you get the promised router sent out? Can you check if my TV is resolving DNS? Can you check if my TV can reach and 


Support Team
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Hi Markarama,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with Netflix. Can you first of all switch your router off for 30 minutes then switch back on and retest. If still not working after this please let us know 


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Is the netflix error you get the same as this other customer:- 



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