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Stuck in some sort of Talk Talk twilight zone

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I've been with talk talk for years, never really had any problems, I've just moved home and realised dealing with them is like getting trapped in the twilight zone, falling down a rabbit hole, landing in some bizarro upside-down world where nothing really makes sense and you get the feeling they are either outright lying to you or have not organised their business in any sensible way. 


Firstly when I called to book my move, I was told that I just needed to take my router with me, plug it in when I arrived and it would work. Obviously it didn't. An engineer was booked for 10 days after I moved, not too bad. I asked if waiting for an engineer would mean I wouldn't have internet until then, they said no, my internet would work straight away, it didn't. So I asked twice during that call if my internet would work straight away and they said yes. They were wrong, or they lied. 

Now, this isn't the end of the world, but what an unnecessary pain, because I could have ordered a mobile broadband device before I moved, then I wouldn't have been in the middle of a bank holiday weekend without any internet. 


When I tried to talk to anyone about this - no offence to any employees because it's really not their fault when they are just given scripts to stick to unerringly because talk talk don't want to train and pay people properly, probably - it was like talking to walls.

There seems to be no mechanisms of learning from anything. 


Roll on anyway, to today when the engineer was supposed to arrive between 8am-1pm. 

At 8.36am I got a text message to say who my engineer would be, and 'we'll let you know when they're on the way'. Except I never got a follow-up message to let me know they were on the way.


By about 2pm, no one had arrived so I texted the number of the engineer they sent to me. He called me straightaway and said he had gone to the address and it was the wrong one, he read it to me and it was the wrong one. - I will come back to this. 

He also said he had tried to call, he read out the mobile number to me and the last digit was wrong. 

It absolutely perplexes me that I have been with talk talk for so many years and never changed my mobile, and received about 10-15 txt messages from talk talk and openreach over the past week, and yet they had managed to give him a wrong number. 

I asked him what I should do, and he said to call talk talk. 

I have used so so many minutes on calling talk talk I went to the chat instead, I should have just smashed some broken glass on the floor and taken my shoes and socks off to dance on it because that would have been more fun. 


I said I would come back to the address. From the online chat I learned that Openreach had my correct address and apparently talk talk had a wrong address.......ok. I asked him to confirm that several times and he did because this absolutely perplexed me as well. I had not spoken to Openreach to give them any of my how could they possibly have my correct address if talk talk had my wrong address..... grateful for an explanation. When I asked several times if they could explain that to me, he just told me not to worry. He confirmed that talk talk and openreach both had my correct mobile number. He booked another engineer appointment for two days time but couldn't explain what had happened today, so I asked to complain and he said he would arrange for someone to call me back. 

Basically I'm pretty sure no one bothered to try and visit me today, there was probably too many appointments booked in or something, but just telling me that would have been much better than giving me some rubbish about my address and phone number being mysteriously wrong. 


An hour later I decided I'd had enough and to just cancel my account, I got cut off by them 3 times, and twice transferred back to the start of the call where I had to input all my details again. 

I did speak to someone who did try to help, but on my account it was listed for a remote set-up and no one was sure why I needed an engineer anyway! Oh wow. Then I was being transferred to tech support and then got cut off. 

 I went for one last try to the online service centre/service status page and -you couldn't make it up! - that is down! And keeps saying 'oops it looks like there's been a technical issue.' 🤣😂🤣 What. The irony is hilarious. 


Anyway, I'm done and will try and cancel again tomorrow. I wrote this because I needed to vent this ridiculousness somehow and not bore my friends with how completely annoying talk talk are, and if other people with the same experience read it they might feel like they haven't quite lost the plot because it's not just you. 




Support Team
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Hi frustrated100,


I'm really sorry to hear this. Would you like me to raise this as a complaint and request for someone to contact you directly? Do you still have no service at the moment?