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Suddenly slow broadband

Conversation Starter

I used to have broadband speed of around ~2500kbps. The connection was very unstable though with an SN margin of around 6dB. Now I've returned from a longer holiday and I get an earth-shattering 1024kbps with an SN margin of 15dB. This, of course, is more stable but 1024kbps is at best a joke.


What options do I have to get a faster connection? Fibre seems to be not available where I live (outskirts of a town in S England with ~200k inhabitants, so not exactly the middle of nowhere).


(World-class internet speeds in Britain? The politicians must be joking.)

Community Team

Hi thomasl,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on your line which hasn't detected a fault.


Is your router currently switched off? I can see that DLM (Dynamic Line Management) has lowered the broadband speed. Just to confirm, how often do you reboot/switch off the router?


If the connection looks unstable or there are a high number of errored seconds on the line then DLM will lower the broadband speed to try and improve the stability of the connection.


Are you experiencing any issues with the voice service such as noise on the line? Does your master socket have a test socket?




Conversation Starter

If you re-read my OP you'll see that with a S/N of 6dB I had a fast (well relatively speaking!) connection but it was rather unstable. Now I have a S/N of 15 and a stable connection but a speed of 1024kbps. That is unaccpetable (and I'm not a politician: if I say "unacceptable" I mean it: something HAS to change).


Either we go back to the unstable setup or we find at least some middle ground.


The router in on for 12 hours and off for the rest. The sockets are fine, I have had an engineer here a while ago who repaired a shorty in the external connection and also checked the internal sockets. The wiring is unchanged since the time of T. Rex.

Community Team

Hi thomasl,


Thanks for the additional information. We no longer have any control of profile changes as this is now managed by DLM, however we can try optimising the connection (resetting DLM) to try and increase the broadband speed.


If we do this then the speed may drop again due to an increase in errors on the line or if the connection is unstable so it would best to try and find what is causing the errors and instability.


If the master socket does have a test socket then would it be possible to connect your router at the test socket and we can try optimising the connection to see how the stability, speed and errored seconds compare?




Conversation Starter

I can tell you exactly what is "causing the the errors and instability": the nearly 5 miles between where I live and the exchange.


(I do have a test socket and I have, as a matter of course, checked a couple of times whether there's any difference in speed or reliability when I connect the router directly to the test socket. And no, there's no discernible difference.)

Community Team

Hi thomasl,


Thanks for confirming this. I've optimised the connection and the sync speed has now increased to 2mb. Could you monitor the connection over the next 24hrs and let us know how the both the stability and speed of the connection compares.


If DLM lowers the speed again whilst the router is connected to the test socket then we can raise the drop in speed over to our Network Team for investigation for you. Did the engineer also test with a different router?




Conversation Starter

I can confirm that the speed has now gone up to 2048kbps with a S/N of 5 (!) dB. What happens if the router is switched off and then on again? Will it sync at the old 1024kbps profile or the faster one?


The router tested was standard TT hg533, IOW the router that is currently online.


Anyway, fiddling with cables and routers may bring a little more speed but the the real problem is clearly the huge distance to the exchange.

Community Team

Hi thomasl,


If the router is rebooted/switched on and off too often then DLM may detect that the connection is unstable and will most likely reduce the speed to try and improve the stability.


If the connection does remain stable and there are no errored seconds then the speed should remain around 2mb. The length of the line will determine the speeds that you're able to receive, however if you were receiving speeds of 2mb and above for a long period of time then we can ask our Network Team to take a look into this for you.


If the connection was unstable when you were previously receiving faster speeds then this will most likely be why DLM has lowered the speed.




Conversation Starter

Thanks for your explanations, this helps to understand what is happening.


In the old days, ie before I went on that holiday (and before DLM), I had sync speeds of around 2500kbps with S/N of around 6dB. The connection would go down when a) there was a phone call on the landline; or b) whenever there was thunderstorm somewhere in the vicinity. Both happened not very often.


We'll see just how often the connection goes down now. If all else goes well the router is booted just once per day, in the morning when it's switched on. So hopefully your DLM doesn't scale back the speed because of this.

Community Star

Hi Sorry to Butt in You mentioned in your last post "The connection would go down when a) there was a phone call on the landline; "

Have you tried using a new microfilter? They do fail and can cause a drop in connection

Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today

I have Just screwed up again

Super Duper Contributor

thomasl wrote:

I can tell you exactly what is "causing the the errors and instability": the nearly 5 miles between where I live and the exchange.


At a distance of 5 miles (8Km) I am surprised you are getting any broadband. That distance equates to a line attenuation of around 110dB well outside the parameters that adsl was designed for. 

Check the graph at and you will see where I am coming from.


You said you used to get 2500kBps which equates to a line attenuation of around 62dB and line length of around 4.5km.  What is the downstream attenuation showing in your router stats. Might be worth posting your router stats here.


Conversation Starter

@ankerI think that this is not the problem as the line was rock-solid with the slower profile. But I'll give it a try... I have a handful microfilters here...


@brandymanIt is 7.5km to be exact... though I have not really measured that myself:-) A BT engineer told me that this the distance to the exchange. As the crow flies it's about 6km.

Here are ye olde stats. SN of 4... amazing that this post has reached the TT servers at all:-/


Upstream line rate (kbit/s)512
Downstream line rate (kbit/s)2048
Line standardG.DMT
Channel type
Upstream SNR (dB)  7
Downstream SNR (dB)  4
Upstream line attenuation (dB)31.5
Downstream line attenuation (dB)63.5
Upstream output power (dBmV)12.5
Downstream output power (dBmV)16
Upstream CRC510
Downstream CRC43
Upstream FEC59073
Downstream FEC123
Super Duper Contributor

Downstrean attenuation at 63.5db would clarify that you re something beyond the norm. I am not quite sure about your router but some will not report line attenuation beyond that figure.


The fact that you are on fixed rate asdl would substantiate your quoted line length. That SNR seems a bit low and the upstream FEC's are alarming.


Apart from a couple of bake bean tins and a lot of string I am not quite sure what you can do. I think I would be looking at a cheap 4G package if I had available coverage but then you are going to tell us that you do not have that where you are.   With that many inhabitants where you are then it should not be that long before fibre arrives.  Have you checked the availabilty checker which may show a target date.

Conversation Starter

brandyman wrote:

that you re something beyond the norm.

I've often feared that :-)


I've never seen anything else but 63.5dB for the Downstrean attenuation... go figure.


4G works but it is patchy, some days it's good and other days it's horrible... not an obvious solution. I am investigating Fibre... interestingly TT says I can't have it, while BT seems to think I can. Problem is that I have a contract with TT with another 8 or 9 months mileage.