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Talk talk broadband not working red light on router

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My mums talk talk broadband router is also showing a red light and she has no service.


Her talk talk Phone is working ok and she is really stressed out about it


How does she go about requesting the broadband line being tested?

She has no internet obviously so I am raising it for her behalf to help move it along


SHe is not on my talk talk telephone number so any info you have that I can give her so she can ring up to progress it would be appreciated!


thanks in advance


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When the internet light is red on the router, (or the status light is amber on the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub) the connection to the exchange equipment (or fibre cabinet if fibre) is normally OK, but there is a virtual path that needs to exist from this equipment to the internet. It is this virtual path that is down. This can be caused generally by:-


  1. Authentication issues
  2. Network issues
  3. IP filter issues
  4. An unusual line fault that does not affect basic connection.
  5. Router configuration issue or faulty router


The best way to resolve this is for me to pass this to one of TalkTalk's OCEs to investigate the condition for you now.

The forum is not real time 24/7 support, so depending on how busy they are & how many are working at any one time, this can take 24 - 48 hrs (excluding weekends & limited cover on Bank Holidays). Alternatively, you can call the call centre or use on-line chat. The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first. So the fewer entries you make on your thread now, the sooner they will pick it up.

Please make sure that your community profile includes your first & last names, broadband phone number.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Community Team - TT Staff

Hi KayziA 


I'm sorry to hear this.


Just to confirm, is the telephone number in your Community Profile the number for the line in question? (please do not post the number on this thread)





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Yes Debbie it is



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi KayziA 


Thanks for your reply.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults.


Is the router currently connected at the test socket? I can send a replacement router for testing, would you like me to arrange this?





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Thanks for running the line test. 

if she could receive a replacement router (so long as it is free of charge) that would be helpful.


best wishes

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi KayziA,


I've ordered the router, should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery (it's free of charge)