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Telegraph pole/line blown down in storm -no phone/broadband

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My Phone does not work because the telegraph cables have been blown down in the storm yesterday I drove down the road and could see them over drooped over a hedge where a tree had taken them out.   I have booked through TT a engineer visit on Tues pm and wondered how this works as all my neighbours are also affected by this outage as obviously one engineer can't fix it as it needs traffic lights and  team of people to repair and what happens if my neighbours also book engineers and how co-ordinates these activities to  avoid duplicate effort? as I know BT outreach do the work.  Does anyone know what the procedure for repairs are as on the surface  it looks confusing?


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Glad our colleagues have cancleed the engineer for you.  If there was any problem, we would have taken care of this for you here 🙂




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It appears its now been cancelled without any charge.  


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I've just had a text From TT in reply to one I sent telling them phone was fixed and the engineer was no longer required and they say they have now cancelled the appointment.


I assume TT will not  be as underhand as trying to charge me for them cancelling the appointment, as the way their system works I could believe anything


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Now apparently It's too late to cancel the engineer  without a fee so he's coming anyway what a waste of everyones time 

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The Engineers  did a good job its way the systems work that annoys  me as   i have spend hours of time in contact with TT that was mine and  theirs time wasted just because i followed the BT/TT procedures thinking I was helping but in fact wasting time..  Please can you look into why there is this mismatch that wastes everyone's time and get your systems updated accordingly 

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To be fair, going from the damage you described to restoration of service within a couple of days seems like pretty good going to me.


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The phone is now working so it seems to be fixed

Have texted TT to that effect so they can cancel engineer

What a waste of hours of my time because TT and BT can't work together to sort out problems like these


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I contacted Open reach and they put me through to TT number they have already secured the cables when I looked today I confirmed with TT that the engineer was the correct one and he's still coming out.  Hopefully none of the other neighbours booked engineers through their isp or we could have 6 people fixing the same problem.  Apart from the inconvenience of having to stay in all PM to wait for the appointment this whole system seems chaotic I hope at least openreach have  some sense and will get it fixed 

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What kind of engineer have you arranged? As you say, it is likely to be a waste of time and is probably best cancelled. This is one of the rare occasions when you should contact Openreach directly, although chances are they will already be aware.