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The Same Old Speed Drop Problem Reappears

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After months of reasonable speed for me (3.5Mbs) and no obvious cause my end on Thursday, I think, I had a short but significant complete loss of internet connection interrupting an important email session. 


Eventually it started working again but I noticed very quickly with the low speed (2.5Mbs). Its been no better for the three plus days since despite resetting the router twice (currently at 2.2Mbs).


This is unfortunately all too typical where an external problem of some sort ie. something outside the user's control, seems to trip the DLM into tagging the line as unstable and dropping the speed almost immediately.


The trouble with this is that the DLM is never as quick restoring the speed and so users spend days or even longer before it gets back to normal. Last time this happened I did not even bother to post here and the speed did not improve for over ten days.


I'd like to get it back quicker this time if possible.







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Hi Cluster-Lizard,


Thanks for the update 🙂





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Yes, pretty much - typically reporting on various speed testing web sites I've used between 36Mbs and 39Mbs downloading and 8+Mbs for uploading.


UK and EU server ping rates are also notably better too, in single figures for the UK. Not that I'll be using it for that but it makes competitive online video gaming a potential option now.


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Hi Cluster-Lizard,


Thanks for the update 🙂 Have your speeds remained consistent over the weekend?





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Yesterday (Friday) afternoon/evening still same lousy speed and even one complete disconnect requiring a router/modem 'reset'.


Today, bloody hell, tested speed of 36+Mbs/8+Mbs - I'd 'guess' I have now been swapped to FTTC BB and what a difference (understatement). 😀


Anything is better than what I was getting but this is faster than I had even dared to hope for. Thanks to those concerned and I just hope it continues without any problems.





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Thanks for the update. Fibre will hopefully improve both the stability and speed of the connection. Please let us know once this has been completed and we can re-check the connection stats to see how they compare.




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The speed (around 2.5Mbs ☹️) has at least been consistent for the last 48hrs and the good thing is that I haven't had any BB connection drops either.


I received a TalkTalk letter yesterday which seemed to re-confirm the email I mentioned about being swapped to fibre for free. It said I was going to get an engineer calling me about that so perhaps two birds can be killed with one stone.


If there's a line to cabinet or cabinet problem that will have to be sorted at the same time.


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I'm sorry to hear this. I've re-run the line test now which clear, however I can see that DLM has lowered the speed due to a very high number of errored seconds on the line. If all testing has already been completed at the test socket with 2 different routers and with all other equipment removed from the line then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit.





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Spoke too soon.


My BB connection is all over the place. From Friday's high of 3.3Mbs I've had three complete drop outs of my BB connection with the router/modem having to be turned off/on four times in the last 48 hrs just to restore it.  If you leave it the orange light just continues flashing and the router/modem never reconnects.


Speed is now back down at 2.7Mbs and I've twice had speed tests of <1Mbs including this morning (Sunday).


Upload speed, when not interrupted by the drop outs, is still my normal 0.6+Mbs.


Something is still not right. 


                                 Speed Issue 07.03.21.jpg


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No contact about the fibre upgrade yet but as regards the current situation - the same old, same old sequence of events has now been checked off the list.


I put up with a significant drop in speed for several weeks and eventually report it here. I then have to go through the familiar, incovenient hoops necessary to prove it is not my system where the problem lies.


Some helpful person here with the authority and tools to do so eventually resets the sync. I get a welcome improvement as a result but it is still not back to its usual speed range. Then, 'magically', I go online a week or so later and suddenly find the expected speed range is returned and, with any luck, will stay there for months to come.


Nothing I've done, my system set up is exactly the same it was before the speed drop. No explanation will be provided but I'm left with having had the best part of a month at <2Mbs and the expectation that I'll be going through the same hassle again six months from now.


I suspect the DLM is the culprit - its too sensitive to temporary changes in the line status and far too slow to resync after the most likely one off random event. Its supposed to do it within 48hrs but depending on the lines stability status the 'action' applied to restore stability, ie. reduced speed, can apparently last for up to 64 days!   


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How are you getting on? If there is nothing showing then please let us know and we can confirm some details with you so we can check this.


If there is an order going through then we wouldn't be able to raise a fault for this until this has completed. 





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I'll check.


I had a similar confirmation text message yesterday saying the same thing: that I was going to be upgraded to fibre.


I've done a bit of research and although the new router/modem I was sent in September came with precious little technical information (even the manufacturer) the online reviews of it indicate it is VDSL compliant.


This should mean, assuming FTTC is what is being offered, that I won't have to change anything. It'll just be a swap to a fibre-optic line at the cabinet.


But that raises the matter of the current slow ADSL speed issue. If it is not a fault at the exchange or, the most likely, cabinet connection issue then it must be a problem with some other external connection. Either that or a physical deterioration of the 150m of cables between the master socket and the cabinet at the end of the road.


If that is the case it is surely going to affect the speed adversely even if I am using FTTC. 


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I'm sorry to hear that there has been no improvement in speed and performance of the connection following the optimisation. If fibre is available then this would be a better option as this could potentially provide faster speeds and improve the overall performance of the connection. If you log into your My Account does this show any fibre orders outstanding?





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Just moved everything back to where it is normally and tested the speed. Still maintaining around 2.8Mbs.


Two additional things: prompted by Silvernut 1966's post I thought I check the service centre and what a line test there told me. No router problem but reported the speed as 1Mbs. Not sure why as I've tested it three times on three different sites and they're all saying 2.7Mbs/630Mbs.


What I found interesting was the promotion of a swap to fibre and saying that my 11GB (per month?) download might be affecting my speed. How exactly unless I'm being deliberately throttled?


Much of that volume was because I was testing my download speed and hoping that it might provoke the DLM to put the speed back up to what it should be: 3.5Mbs and has been for years.


In fact during the part of the first lockdown period my speed was often more than that breaking the 4Mbs barrier consistently for days at a time. Apart from TalkTalk's new router and filters, provided when I suffered the last unexplained speed drop back in September, my system and primary PC, cabling etc are all the same as they were then. 


Also a fact: 99% of the time apart from a landline 'phone using the same line there is only ever one device using my BB connection. I don't have a 'smart' tv and my other PCs and online games' consoles are very rarely used at the same time. So it is a specious suggestion on the Service Centre's pages, in my case, that the speed is being affected by the number of devices using the BB service.  


Secondly, today I received an email saying that I was being upgraded to fibre for 'free' and that an engineer would be calling me to confirm details. Suspicious timing but I'll ignore that as I have been looking into swapping to fibre myself. I'm sure that's not a coincidence either.


I might have done it earlier but the problem has been cost of the change and as importantly the actual trouble involved. The thing is I'm sure TalkTalk's database will show my road and property is all fibre cabled up. It isn't.


There's a fibre junction box on the building but my property has never been connected to it. The bigger problem is due to the use and abuse of my shared driveway by two other neighbours. Because of the crappy decision the original fibre cable installers made (must be 25 years ago) to lay the cable in the gap between one of those neighbour's driveway and ours, the fibre cable has, apparently been damaged.


I've only had this information second hand from a Virgin engineer who was trying to fix my then downstair's neighbour's BB. I'm pretty sure they had to swap to using fibre to cabinet instead because of this.


So any TalkTalk/OR engineer needs to be aware of this ie. that fibre to cabinet is the only option unless they want to put in a new 20+m fibre optic cable under our concrete driveway. Even if that was an option it is not a good idea because it would probably get chewed up again in the same way eventually.   




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I have had the same problem. Went to service page & it says my router needs a software update. Contacted talktalk twice through chat & both times was left hanging whilst they said they were running line checks even though I'd told them it requires this software update. Half hour wait and no reply???? Great service care! Not

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Yes, noticeably better, thanks, but still not back up to where it should be.


Current download speed is 2.8Mbs, tested on several sites.


I was going to test using the old router after another 24hrs if it had not gone up but I do not want to risk that now. I'll wait until tomorrow before returning everything to my normal set up and just hope doing that doesn't mess it up again.   


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I'm sorry for the delay. I've optimised the connection now, would you mind re-checking and letting us know if there is any improvement please?




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I don't believe this.


I spent half an hour setting up my system again, moving the EchoLife DG8041W Home Gateway router/modem so its as close to the master socket as possible connected with the shortest RJ12 to BT connector cable. That's the one 2m supplied with the router/modem.


The PC, which is in another room, is connected via a good quality 15m S/FTP CAT6A/Ethernet cable to the router.


All working fine but still giving me the same <2.5Mbs speed as my normal set up and was doing so for the hour or so I was using it.


BTW that normal configuration uses the 'phone socket in the same room as the PC ie. about 15m of RJ12 > BT cable from the router/modem to the master socket and a short 1.5m CAT6/Ethernet cable from the PC to that.


I normally have a BT landline handset plugged into the attached master socket filter.


That's usually the only other telecoms equipment connected. But I've now disconnected that too just to rule it out as being involved - I can leave it off for 24hrs but after that I can't do without it.


So I just have one PC > Router/Modem > Filter > Master (internal) BT socket. The router/modem, RJ12/BT cable and filter are all the ones that came with the router/modem which TalkTalk sent me last September in response to the prolonged speed drop I reported here then.


Earlier today I checked my speed and it had dropped below 2Mbs and rechecking just now its at 1.7Mbs, a further 30% drop.


What is going on?


27.02.21 Edit


24hrs on and the speed is still ridiculously slow:-



Does this look like a problem my end, particularly when my upload speed is still the same as it is normally? This is the experience I've had 100% of the time when there's been either an exchange issue, physical external line/connection or cabinet fault.  


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It doesn't need an engineer to visit, that's a last resort.


Reluctantly I'll do the master socket direct connection thing again and report the results next week. That's more than enough time for the DLM to kick the speed back up if doing this is going to resolve the problem or at least prove it is an external one.


It also gives enough time for engineers elsewhere in the system to identify and fix whatever is wrong or replace the burnt out flux capacitor causing the problem. 😀      


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Hi Cluster-Lizard,


If you're sure that it's no better at the test socket then we can arrange an engineer visit. If you'd like us to do this please let us know and we'll confirm some detais




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You really expect me to go through all that again? 


Every time I've had a speed drop like this in the last 11 years and reported it I've dutifully disconnected my 'phone, taken the front off the Master socket and connected up my high quality, shielded 15m Cat5/ethernet cable, bought specifically for this purpose, direct to the internal socket.


The current Master socket, fitted by an Open Reach engineer is relatively new (4 -5 years old) , the router is the new one I was sent last year after a similar unexplained long lasting speed speed drop and, as said, the filters I'm now using are the ones which came with that.  


I'm now expected to spend another week of making sure I don't trip over the cable only to find that the speed hasn't changed. If it goes as it has every time before if I leave it a few more days at some point it'll go back up into its more usual range.


No explanation but the obvious conclusion is that the problem, as always, was down line from the socket ie. cable or cabinet or at the exchange. In short I spend three weeks to a month at significantly reduced speed through no fault of my own.


The last time this happened (which prompted the unrequested but appreciated router replacement) I did a quiet line test by 'phoning "0" on my landline as there's no specific TalkTalk quiet line test facility.


I reported then that I thought that the line was open as I could, just, hear in the 5 secs you get using this crude line test method what sounded like a distant ticking clock.


I'm hearing that again this time too. Something is causing the SNR fluctuation and I think it is very unlikely anything at my end.