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The WAN DHCP client process has successfully been terminated on Vlan 36

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Having browsed community posts back to 2018 about similar issues and seen people with the same problem with other ISPs, I am no nearer finding an issue to the regular internet drop  out that occur at roughly the same time most (but not every) days.


Symptom: Internet connection is lost for a minute or two. Reconnection is automatic. The drop out is sufficient to disrupt video calls. The drop-outs occur between 15mins and 30mins past the hour. Generally this is midnight or 14:00 BST.


Internet speed is good and stable for rest of the time.


Error message from router log:

25.05.2021 14:24:09 Warning DHCPC
The WAN DHCP client process has successfully been terminated on Vlan 36


1. Nothing new in the house to cause electrical interference.

2. OpenReach line test at the exchange, at the street box and from the master socket: all good.

3. No new devices connecting.

4. No high-demand (e.g. gaming or HD streaming)

5. One unused extension cable into master socket which has been there for years without any issue.

6. Router Vlan is set to 101


Diagnostics tests: The problem is still recurring when:

Router plugged into master socket (MK4 style with built in micro filters.)

Router plugged into test socket with new (TalkTalk supplied) microfilter.

Router with various combinations of wired and wireless devices attached (no more than 6 devices).

Router replaced with a new one from TalkTalk. No configuration changes -  i.e. out of the box factory settings.


Does anyone anywhere have any idea what the router log error message means and where the fault might be located?


Would it have anything to do with moving to Fibre35? Note: it is still copper into the house.


Does it have anything to do with dynamic IP addressing?


I'm clutching at straws here. And TalkTalk service desk are following the script....






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Do the tests risk disconnecting the router? If so, there is a short gap between 13:00 and 13:30 and then after 16:00 today (Monday). 


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Hi MR2021


I haven't run a line test, I was waiting for you to confirm once your video calls had finished.


When would be the best time to run some line tests?






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Sorry to have gone silent for a few days - other things to do!


Call quality early last week was ok - no disconnections that disrupted work. Over the weekend, I used broadband less but I did not notice dropouts or poor connections. This week, I've a couple of days of lots of video calls during the day so that will be a better test. 


Have the network errors gone away / been fixed?


Both old routers have now been sent back to TalkTalk.



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Hi MR2021


Apologies for this.


Please post back on this thread to confirm once your video call has finished. I will then run another line test.






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Having the same issue as yourself. Router randomly disconnects. Did the new router fix the issue?


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I don't think the issues have all gone away yet, sadly. I've just had a complete dropout and not able to reconnect without switching off the router entirely. The router lights stayed white throughout. I was unable to connect to the router using wifi. The router logs show no obvious error messages at the time of the dropout. This may have just be coincidental, but I've not had this kind of dropout for many months.


I hope it does not happen again: I've a two hour video call starting shortly!


Are you able to confirm that there are no issues with the network, the connection from the house, the line box in the street and the exchange? 




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Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that the stability has improved 🙂





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Glad to hear your connection is looking better with the DG8041W. I'm sure the problems I'm having are a genuine fault out on the external phone network. When I ran a line test yesterday it actually detected an issue between the exchange and my home, so an Openreach engineer has now been assigned to look at that, so fingers crossed !!


Interesting that you mention issues of slow connection, as I have tried the DG8041W in the past and I experienced issues where the speeds would just drop from ~37mbps to ~5mbps for no apparent reason (router did not drop connection, the download speed just dropped). Although this router does obviously work well for a vast majority the customers that use it, so hopefully it will work well for you.


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@Skynet_TX I hope your connection issues are getting resolved.


For info, just in case it helps, the second replacement router I am now using with a few days of encouraging results (no dropouts but a couple of incidents of v slow connection) is a Huawei


Device Type:DG8041W
Description:EchoLife DG8041W Home Gateway
Hardware Version:I.1.01
Software Version:v1.05t


Keeping fingers crossed.

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The Huawei router has been in use over the weekend. I have not noticed any significant drop outs which is encouraging.


Although the message log is not the same format, I have been unable to see any errors with the same WAN DHCP message and I have not seen the dropout behaviour of the Sagemcom FAST routers.


I will continue to monitor over the next few days and give an update by the end of the week.


I will return the old routers to TalkTalk this week. 


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Ok, thanks for the update.


Thanks 🙂



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Keeping you posted: the Huawei router arrived today and is now connected. I'll monitor for the next few days before I start sending the surplus routers back.



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I appreciate you keeping me informed of your progress - it helps me suggest other ideas for my issue. Sounds like you have a worse case of drop-outs than I do. It must be v. frustrating.

I'm expecting a Huawei router to be delivered soon and then we'll see. I'll let you know how I get on.

BTW: you were quite right about the error message: I pulled the broadband cable out of the router yesterday and sure enough I got the "WAN DHCP...." error.


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Hi @MR2021,


No I don't think my issues are resolved, I kind of knew the engineer would find issues in the home as the phone sockets were ancient, but I don't think any of the issues he found were serious enough to be causing the problems I'm having. He fixed all the issues and says that the wiring to the home and in the home are now fine and for the rest of Friday and all weekend the connection was perfect, but then between 01:26 and 07:38 this morning the connection dropped 10 times, but then hasn't dropped again since then.


But as I said previously, this message in the router just indicates that the router has lost connection with the internet, it does not give any indication as to why.


I'm going to leave my Sagemcom connected for now just to see when it drops connection again, but I think I'll then switch back to another router just to see if I still get the same pattern of disconnections, so probably is a good idea for you to try the other model of router too, just to see if it does still give you the same behaviour.


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OK, No Problem.



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Hi Karl,

OK understood. I'll continue to monitor the issue and let you know when I receive and swap to the Huawei router.


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Networks have asked we confirm testing with a Huawei Hub as they are aware of a DNS issue that affects some Sagemcom models. This will be addresses in a future firmware update, but only way to fully rule this put is to test with the Huawei Model Hub.  One is on the way to you.





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An update: ten minutes ago I unplugged the broadband cable from the back of the router. The light went orange. I plugged the cable back in again: it flashed orange/white and then steady white. I logged onto the router to see that the act of disconnecting the router generated the 'WAN DCHP client.....VLAN 36' error.


This suggests to me that the problem is in the network and not in the router. I suggest that sending me another router is not going to fix the issue. Please can we pursue the network team for a resolution?


Note that another community member reported in this thread on Friday that they had OpenReach detect a 'bridge tap fault', replaced the master socket, re-terminated the line in the house and reset the fibre port in the street. Are these options we can pursue> I assume you have the results from the OpenReach engineer's visit a few weeks ago?


I hope this helps. 


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Thanks for letting me know the details. Are your connection issues now solved?


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Happy to try anything, but do you really think it is problem with the router? Given @Skynet_TX recent experience (the posy a couple of days ago), and @ferguson view that this is a network error, can we investigate both?


Do you want me to send back one of the FAST routers? Which one should I return? My original has all my security settings on it.