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Need help?

Trying for an upgrade to fibre since 8 Feb - any OCE can you please assist?


Please bear with me while I try to summarise the frustration and torment I have endured trying to achieve a fibre upgrade:


Original upgrade order accepted after online offer via 'My Account' on 8 Feb

Go Live date estimated as 20 Feb by online acknowledgment received.

Updated to 24 Feb via letter received.

24 Feb - no 'Go Live' and no message or information received.

25 Feb - Existing ADSL became unstable and started dropping out intermittently.

Enquired, via online chat, what was the problem and whether any update to completion known.

Informed by helpdesk that BT Openreach failed the job owing to lack of resource.

TT Helpdesk sought new date and rescheduled with BT for 28 Feb

28 Feb - No Go Live again

29 Feb - Spoke via chat to Online Helpdesk again, they could not help as BT not contactable, helpline requested me to try again the next day (Sunday 1 March).

1 March - Helpline confirmed that BT were not available again, asked me to try again next day.

2 March - Helpline chat again, informed support that the ADSL was getting poorer and service was almost unusable for a lot of the time. Contact with helpdesk was now via mobile hotspot to prevent link failure during chat. Informed of a new date of 5 March for Go Live with BT

5 March - No Go Live again

6 March - Live chat again with helpline, to see what had happened and seek a new Go Live date again.  Went through line checks and remote faulting again (This had been carried out at each contact.) Informed by support that line stability suspected and that they would reset my 'line profile' remotely to enable automatic error correction and line speed adjustment. I was informed that this should cure my ADSL problems and a new date would be agreed with BT  The Order Management team would contact me within the next 24 - 72 hours.

Later on 6 March the ADSL failed completely again and after further remote testing by the helpdesk they suspected a router fault and said they would order a replacement. Helpline operator Nosipo said that they couldn't raise a replacement order and asked me to ring another section to do it myself. I did so and was told I would have to pay for it. After further explanation and transfer to another department I was told that the order would have to go via the  'Back Office' and this would be carried out and my file records updated.  I would be contacted when progress had been made - no contact received 😞

9 March - contacted helpdesk via chat again, to seek an update and any progress.

Initially informed that fibre broadband went live on 24 Feb - which it definitely did not.

Transferred to another department and they tried again to contact BT. After waiting over 20 mins, helpdesk said that BT had the case as 'Pending' and could not give a date for Go Live.  I was told that a new date would be sought from BT and I would be contacted with an update.

I asked if anything could be done to clear the problems with my ADSL. I was told that nothing could be done now, until the changeover to fibre had been completed!


I note from other posts on here that the South African Help Desk seems to be generally ineffective in resolving problems.  I feel they try hard to help, but appear to lack any in depth knowledge of the network they are working with or the physical work and processes needed to achieve a fibre connection.  The updates to their database seem sketchy and little of previous customer, or BT contacts appear to be noted, so every chat or call is like starting again. Liaison with BT Openreach seems particularly poor and the service they receive from BT ???? questionable.   


I have now wasted literally hours and hours of my life on 'live chat' and phone.  To put it mildly, I am very frustrated with the total lack of any progress or any form of pro-active contact from TalkTalk or BT.  We currently have no usable broadband and no date when the fibre connection may become a reality.

(I currently have to use my mobile for any type of reliable internet use)


Can you please investigate the current situation and help to urgently progress our fibre upgrade.  Please help me get some form of working, reliable broadband service.


Thank you in anticipation


PS I have transcripts of the many 'chats' I have had, if you cannot see these from your area.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Coastal_dweller


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.




Thank you for responding.

Updated as requested and personal message sent to OCE_Arne

Broadband today is up and down, but mostly unusable

Latest 'Online Service Status' on My Account click through, confirms instability when last tested.

Screen Print of this attached in Word.

No (promised) update received from the Help Desk regarding new BT Openreach Go Live date, or any reasons for delay.

Are you able to assist in getting our broadband working stably again and hopefully an update and successful upgrade to fibre in the near future.

Thank you in anticipation 🙂🙂 


Quick update to my earlier post.

New router (Ordered by tech support as mentioned in the initial post) has been received and installed.

Set up and initial check indicates that our broadband service via ADSL is currently useable and running at 11.7Mb download and 0.8Mb upload.

I will update on reliability later - fingers crossed😜 


Still awaiting news from the helpdesk regarding our scheduled upgrade to fibre.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Coastal_dweller


Thank you for updating your profile. 


It does appear that the upgrade order didn't go ahead as planned, I will contact our provisioning team and find out what the next step is. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Hi Arne,

Thank you for responding again.

I would appreciate anything you can do to help.

As per my earlier post, after carrying tests on our ADSL line, your Tech Support thought our router was faulty and arranged for a replacement.  This arrived yesterday and I installed it and set up our usual devices to work with it.  Initially all seemed well and speeds of around 11 -12Mb were indicated on the online test facility.

However today the all our devices showed connection to the router WiFi, but with no internet connection.  I reset the router again and the service became usable again.  This is the same situation as was experienced with the previous router.

I checked the online testing facility available on your website, it stated that the service was unstable when automatically tested last night 

When it is working, I have noticed that the current line speed is running a little above what we had previously, before the current problems appeared.  Our stable line speed was around 10Mb download, but since the first fibre Go Live date, the speed has been as high as 14Mb, but usually around 12Mb download.

I wonder whether the line speed is currently running a little too high for our copper connection, perhaps because of the exchange equipment having been set up to suit the higher speeds of the scheduled fibre connection - just a thought(?)

Anyway, the current service stability issues appear to be due to something other than the router.

I would be very grateful if you could have a look at the ADSL instability problem, as well as following up on our scheduled fibre upgrade.

Thank you again in anticipation  

Best regards


After direct messaging with OCE_Arne and then no update, I contacted the helpdesk again via online chat.

Mndenomuhle responded and tried to help - Checked for update on my account and informed me that TT are still awaiting an update from BT Openreach.  BT are not now contactable until Monday - pretty poor show again, as usual.  Why oh why don't they pro-actively follow-up on orders they have in play!

As I probably won't hear anything on Monday, I'll give it until midday and try the helpline again.

Five weeks and counting...…...………….



Seven weeks and counting 😞

OCE_Arne has been trying to help for sometime, but last heard from him on Thursday last (26/3) when he was going investigate the failure of the fifth scheduled attempt by BT Openreach to achieve a working fibre upgrade to our Broadband service.

I notice he does not appear to have responded to any other recent posts, so wonder if he is currently unavailable(?)

If so, can any available OCE please follow up our problem?

Current Status:

Bearing in mind BT Openreach have previously reported that our service is working fibre, today's speed test via the TalkTalk online page reports a Download of 5.9Mbps and Upload 0.6Mbps.

(screenshot attached)

Also the TalkTalk 'Service Centre/Service Status' shows problems and the 'Run live connection test' shows a fault still in play - this has been the same for a while now.

(screenshots also attached)

Look forward to any update available.

Thank you in anticipation

Best regardsIMG_6747.JPGIMG_6727.JPGIMG_6742.JPG