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Trying to switch but not getting the deals + rewards

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Hello all, I am looking to switch my broadband and I was intruiged by the Talktalk deal for switching to an 18 month contract for its Fibre 65 deal, which stated it would be charged at £22 a month with no setup costs and include a £75 voucher. Pretty neat right?

However just as I am going through my payment details and about to finalize the deal, I realized the prices don't seem to match: It's now saying it is going to charge me £24.95 for a standard fast broadband, £9.95 for setup costs, and supposedly it has no other offers nor deals attached to it.


I don't know if the issue is that the Fibre 65 deal isn't available in my postcode but considering I searched across broadband switching sites for the available deals using my postcode and this deal showed up, I have gone under the assumption that my area was covered. Even if it wasn't available, I'm a bit miffed that instead of the sign up process informing me that this deal isn't available, that it's just sneakily tried to sign me up for an inferior deal in the hopes I would not notice the difference.


Hope someone can help as I am still very keen to switch.


Support Team
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Hi Cherrypeche,


Really sorry to hear this.


Promotions do change from time to time, does Fibre 65 show as available when entering your post code via our website?





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Voucher offers have to be executed by clicking through from the promotional link, it may be as you say that the deal is not available in your particular circumstances.