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Unusable internet for months and they want to make me pay an engineer visit!!

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Hi Talk Talk community!


I have been with TalkTalk for a couple of years now and everything was fine until 6 months ago or so. I now have intermittent internet connection which is so bad that it's basically like not having internet at all. I reached out to TalkTalk several times through their chat, even calling them but everytime they said the exact same things:

- Asking a bunch of useless questions (do I have something in front of my router? etc), again and again...

- checking our connection and telling me it seems fine while i tell them it is not working..


At the end, the only solution they suggest is for ME to PAY for an engineer to come check what's wrong. I said that I refused this option, because why would I have to pay for them to fix my connection while I already pay every month to have a service they don't provide?! It's been months now and I don't know what to do, do you guys have any suggestions?


Many thanks,

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Hi @AUDI91 


If TalkTalk believe there's a fault then they'll need to send an engineer to fix it for you.


Engineer charges explains more about why you may be charged if there's a fault in your home.


Faults on the external Openreach network or in the TalkTalk supplied equipment will be fixed for free. But TalkTalk need to ask you to agree to charges if there's a home wiring fault found between the Master socket incoming line to your home and the TalkTalk supplied router.


TalkTalk are happy to provide a test router and microfilter for you to connect to the incoming line Master Socket test socket (if there is one). If you then connect a computer to the router using the yellow Ethernet cable (to bypass it being a Wi-Fi interference issue) and there's still a fault in that circumstance it's most likely on the external line and you'll not get charged.


Many 'connection' issues are due to Wi-Fi interference. Boost your Wi-Fi Speed.


You can also do a simple test yourself of connecting a standard corded handset 'phone to the Master Socket Test Socket start to dial and listen for any crackling or static noises on the line. That would indicate a line fault that's impacting the broadband service. See Connecting to your Test Socket.

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Hi AUDI91,


I'm sorry for the delay. Would you like us to look into this further for you?