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Hello, I've received an email from TalkTalk today about their new "Faster 150 Fibre", I've logged in to my account and I see option to Upgrade to "Faster 150 Fibre" for £28 a month, I am currently paying £25.95 for 67Mb's so paying an extra £2 for a faster Fibre looks tempting, however when I press upgrade I see that there's Setup fee of £60 but then few seconds later it closes and opens a new page where it does not say anything about "Setup Fee" and asks to confirm the payment, so I am little confused, would I need to pay £60 for Setup fee if I decided to take that Upgrade or not?




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I successfully upgraded to Ultra-Fast 150, thank you all for your help! really appreciated! 


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Yes, I am chatting to them right now, they said the £60 fee can be waived, thank you!

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Hello, oh I didn't knew there was a live chat, that will sure make it a lot easier, I'll give it a try tomorrow, thank you very much!


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Hi xZajaC,


My apologies, we'd like to find the best deal available for you.


You can contact our Loyalty Team via Live Chat They'll take some details and advise further. 





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@Arne-TalkTalk Hello, no I didn't call them, It gives me anxiety when it comes to making calls,  so I tend to avoid it ^^ so I guess I'll just stay without upgrading, the internet that I have right now is quite fast and I don't really have problems with it apart from Wi-Fi never stopped buffering from my last created thread so I just gave up on it, when I got email about this new upgrade I was quite interested as it's only extra £2 a month but that £60 fee puts me off. 


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I think it would probably be best to call the Loyalty Team as @Arne-TalkTalk suggested and discuss the contract options and any fees involved with them.

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Thank you for reply.


I tried to place the upgrade into my basket and the £60 fee suddenly disappeared, as shown in the attached PDF File, does that mean I would not need to pay the £60 fee? because in "Order Total" it only shows the £28 for the internet.

Also I wanted to ask, my contract ends on 21 Feb 2022, if I choose to upgrade into a better one, how would that work? would the price just increase from £26 to £28 and everything else stays the same or there would be more changes to it then the price?

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Hi xZajaC


There is usually a setup fee when ordering online, So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 to see if they can waive it.  


Hope that helps.