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Using Archer C7 for wifi

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I am new to talk-talk and have set up my fibre broadband with talk talk's own wifi hub.

My question is can I use TPlink Archer C7 for wifi? I have used it like that for my virgin media before where I connect Archer to the the VirginMedia hub. The reason why I want Tplink router is their one mesh network. Our modem is currently at top stairs and wifi is pretty weak on downstairs kitchen side. I already have Archer C7 and another tplink wifi extender. So if I can set up Tplink, I can set my home in a one mesh network and seamlessly connect to wifi without switching wifi networks.


Have anyone does this and point me to directions to configure the Talk talk modem and Tplink archer to work together?

Regards, Libin

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When you say modem, I take it that you mean the WiFi hub, which is a modem/router. Do you mean that you want to use your C7 as a wifi access point to give extra coverage? If so, yes you can do this. The simplest way is to put your C7 into bridge mode if it supports this & disable its DHCP server. Allocate your C7 an IP address that is outside of the DHCP server's IP address range of the WiFi hub (you don't say which one you have, the Sagemcom or the Huawei).


Then connect one LAN port of the WiFi hub to a LAN port on the C7 with a Cat6 Ethernet cable or powerline adapters & you should be OK.

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