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Using powerlink adapters reboots router after speed upgrade

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Two days ago I upgraded my service from Fibre 35 to Fibre 65, prior to that all my devices were working fine, connected via powerlink or wireless. The following morning my router did indeed report a connection speed of 78Mbps against 40Mbps, which was as hoped. Unfortunately, I then found that using any devices via my Powerlink adapters caused the router to either fully reboot or reset the WAN connection.My router is a TalkTalk Sagemcom5364-X.TY running version SG4K10002816t, which appears to be the latest code.



I've tried the following:


- Factory reset on router and powerlink adapters (obviously including re-pairing the adapters) - still the same.

- Used completely different powerlink adapters - still the same.

- Tried different devices on the powerlink connection, including laptops, Samsung TV and TalkTalk TV box. Router rebooted within 20 seconds of using any device, including, for example, doing the Netflix network tests.

- Tried different router ports for the powerlink connection - no improvement.

- Checked powerlink network using DLink wireless repeater - reported no errors and data transfer rates around 400Mbps, local devices could communicate fine via powerlink.

- In case there was an issue with connecting the powerlink adapter direct to the router, I connected both to a 4 port switch, but that produced no improvement.

- Connected each of the devices directly to the router via long cables - no problems at all after many hours of testing.


So I get no problems so long as I don't use the powerlink network. After each of the many router reboots, connection speeds have shown between 72 and 80 Mbps, though speed tests downloading large images show I don't have that speed available to use yet, only around 38Mbps. I assume that will come once my connection speed has been stable for a while.


Has anyone else had this powerlink issue after a speed upgrade?


I would have thought there should be no way an ethernet connected device should be able to affect the router in this way, making me wonder if the router is faulty. All was well until the connection speed to the internet was doubled.


The only other information I have is a report from TalkTalk that there's a problem with their network affecting my phone service. I've not confirmed with TalkTalk yet, but am finding the phone isn't ringing correctly (ring-silence repeated as opposed to ring-ring repeated), and caller display doesn't always work until after the call has ended, just displaying incoming call!


Any suggestions welcome.






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Hi Peter447,


Thanks for the update, just let us know if you need any further assistance 




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Hi @Skynet_TX,


Many thanks for all the information in your post.


 I went to the service centre and found the attached graph, which shows a slight increase in connection speed yesterday, perhaps coincident with replacing the Sagemcom router with the Huawei one? Anyway, you can see there's plenty of headroom there, I'm fortunate to live quite close to the exchange.


There have been many more reboots of the router over the last week than for a very long time, but there shouldn't be any more (the router is powered via a UPS to counter the occasional spates of power cuts we get here) so I'll see how things go in the coming weeks. That the speed could go back up again (if the DLM decides it's sensible) is encouraging.


Thank you again for explaining more of what goes on behind the scenes.



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Hi @Peter447,


The service you are on, Fibre 65, can potentially provide download speeds of up to 80mbps, the 67mbps that you mentioned is often seen in marketing material as that is the average speed that customers get on this package (note that this is the average speeds across all customers, so some customers get more, some get less).


The speed you can get is totally dependent on the length and quality of your phone line, so the potential top speed for each person will be different. If you go to the Service Centre it will show you your 'estimated speeds', if you click through on that it should also show you your guaranteed minimum speed.


So you really want to be comparing the downstream speed shown when you log into your router with that estimated speed range and minimum guaranteed speed to see if you are getting the speeds you should be.


Assuming your routers sync speed is within the estimated range, that means the internet speed to your house is as it should be, so that would then help focus investigation on any devices in your home that might be getting much slower speed test results compared to that sync speed.


A reconnection in the early hours of the morning could possibly by DLM making adjustments to your profile, if your troubleshooting has meant you have been causing a lot of disconnections (more than 4 or 5 a day) then DLM could interpret that as a fault and would start to reduce your speeds to try to stabilise your connection. Having said that, 00:30 is a bit early for DLM to be making changes, it is usually more like 2 or 3am that it normally does it. But if it was DLM then assuming your connection is now stable and you are not getting disconnections or errors you may find the speed increases again over the next week or so.

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Hi Debbie,


My profound apologies for the mistake in my last post. The service I'm now on is Fibre 65, and I'm obviously getting that  - not sure where I got the 67 from! 😳 I also note that the ACS connection seems to happen whenever the DSL is restarted, I'm obviously just hoping the restart soon after midnight was intentional, to set the line speed to its normal value, and not a random reboot. I'll assume that anyway.


Thanks again for your help.


Kind regards,




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Hi Debbie,


This morning things are not so good. The router reset around 00:30 (I was watching TV at the time, all powerline kit turned off at that point) and  can see that at 00:32 TalkTalk ACS connected, so assume TalkTalk triggered the reboot.


2021-02-26 00:32:35 [Notice][Run-Log] SNTP has synchronized successfully, current time is [2021-02-26 00:32:35+00:00], uptime is [30869s].
2021-02-26 00:32:35 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Type:Set,InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer:,ConnectionRequestUsername:userid,ConnectionRequestPassword:-
2021-02-26 00:32:35 [Critical][Config-Log] Terminal:ACS(,Result:Success,Type:Set,InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer:,PeriodicInformEnable:1,PeriodicInformInterval:86400,PeriodicInformTime:2021-02-26T00:32:35.891Z


Worse still, the speed of my link has been downgraded to 65.43Mbps (see attached document). I've restarted the DSL connection and the results are the same. What has happened here? That's obviously less than the advertised 67Mbps, and disappointingly slower than the speeds I've had over the past week, around 72Mbps.






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Hi Debbie,


Thanks for getting the router here so quickly. As per Skynet_TX's advice it was necessary to leave a gap of 30 minutes befor turning on the Huawei router, after which downloads at 72Mbps were fine. I then ran the same powerline tests that would rapidly cause the Sagemcom router to reboot, and can confirm that the Huawei box was unaffected by them, so there's clearly something wrong with the Sagemcom router.


I have found, however, that speeds over powerline are not as fast as they used to be - repeatedly running the Netflix speed tests gave between 3 and at most 11 Mbps, not apparently a problem with the powerline network, as that was reporting connection speeds over 300Mbps. Whilst waiting for a response over the weekend I had bought a WiFi extender to connect one of the TVs, and get between 18 and 26 Mbps on the Netflix test using that, using either router, which makes a big difference in final picture resolution and the convergence speed on Netflix.


Anyway, I'm pleased that the Huawei router allows me to use powerline adapters again, though I'll leave the better TV on the wireless extender as it benefits from the higher available speed; the old one is fine on powerline.


Thank you for resolving this issue.


Kind regards,




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Many thanks Debbie, I'll get it set up and tested as soon as possible after it arrives, and let you know the results.


Thanks again,



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Hi Peter


No problem 🙂


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Yes please, that would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hi Peter


I'm really sorry for the delay.


Would you like me to send a Huawei WIFI hub for testing?



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When the staff here get a chance to pick this up they may be more willing to send you a different router to test with, I know they were very short staffed last week, and so it was taking them several days to reach new topics, but hopefully they will be able to help next week, they will be able to run more detailed tests on your connection and your router, and if the connection looks good and they feel a replacement router would be the next best thing to try, they would be able to arrange that for you.

Best thing to do would be to not post again in this topic until the staff here reply, as adding new posts will delay this topic getting to the top of their queue, but you may well have to wait well into next week if they are still short of staff next week.

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Contacted TalkTalk yesterday via online chat. Despite all I've written here, and me pointing them at it, the agent just went through a standard script. We got absolutely nowhere in 2 hours and 38 minutes, beyond a refusal by TalkTalk to do anything until the 10 days of line optimisation are complete. I did ask several times for a replacement router to test for a couple of days, but was advised they'd found no fault, so they wouldn't do that. I pointed out that using the powerline adapters crashes the router in a matter of seconds, so the tests run by TalkTalk are clearly inadequate.


I asked why my old router didn't have this problem, and the agent's manager replied that the old router had stabilised, whereas the current one had not. Given that the old router had been powered off in a cupboard for a year, and never connected at the higher speed, I found that somewhat unbelievable!


So I'm now having to wait until the 25th to go through all this again, despite the line looking very good (figures taken from the router):


                                    Downstream   Upstream
Actual Rate [Kbps]       73998            20000
Maximum Rate [Kbps]  85762           20000
Noise Margin [dB]        9.90               6.30
Attenuation [dB]          17.60              0.00
Power [dBm]               13.10              7.40


The only number to change in the last 24 hours is Upstream Power, 7.30dBm last night. Multigigabyte downloads at a constant 72Mbps are absolutely fine - unless I use the powerline adapters, so I will be somewhat surpised if the problem is fixed!


I did feel sorry for the agent who did the best they could, given the constraints placed on them, but 158 minutes achieving nothing was a very poor experience.


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Just to update this so all the information is there when I contact TalkTalk, I've also tried using different power sockets for the powerlink adapters, with no improvement.


The router is now taking up to 15 minutes to reconnect, so I thought I'd try the old Huawei HG633 router I had prior to the Sagemcom one. That took a while to connect, but had no problems with the powerlink adapters. Download speeds were a bit erratic, even though the link speed was measuring 73Mbps. Returning to the Sagemcom one the download speeds were a solid 72Mbps, but use of powerlink rebooted the router again.


I conclude that I need a replacement Sagemcom router to try.


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I'm pleased to say my download speeds are now up at around 78Mbps, thank you again for the advice and explanation as to why the half hour power off makes a difference. Unfortunately the powerline problem is still there, so I still need help with that. But we have made some progress today, thanks!

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Many thanks, I'll give that a go and see if anything changes, I'll let you know. I've also completed the community profile section as required.



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Hi @Peter447,


It would be worth switching the router off for over 30 minutes, that will give you a new session in the street cabinet when you switch it back on. This might help get your speed test results up to something closer to your sync speed. There is no logical reason why it would fix the rebooting problem, but you never know, can't hurt to try !!


For one of the TalkTalk staff on this community to be able to look into this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number. This will allow them to identify you, and they will then be able to help.


Don't post any personal details in this thread, just add them to your community profile.


Then they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within two or three working days. You may get faster support from the live chat or by phoning up during opening hours.