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Using your own router

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Hi everybody, does anyone have any experience of using their own router on the TalkTalk fibre broadband service ?


I’d like to use a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 router owing to it having the Netduma software installed on it, but I wanted to find out if this is possible / if anyone else has done similar.


Many thanks in advance 🙌🏻


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Thank you very much for this, this is really useful, I think this will help me work out what to do next, cheers 🙂


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Hiya Karl, basically I wanted to find out if I buy this router:

Would I be able to use it instead of the standard TalkTalk router? This one incorporates custom software which will allow me to use quality of service on my internal network.

I wasn't sure if I could just buy it and plug it in and have it work straight away, or whether it would cause issues if I suddenly took the TalkTalk router out of the equation, hence I thought I'd ask first before I splash the cash.

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What questions do you have regarding the use of your own router ?





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This article may help


One of the Community Stars, @KeithFrench is very knowledgeable on routers and networks, so if you post your question here he may be able to offer advice.


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Does anyone know what the best way is for me to contact TalkTalk's support so I can ask them the question about using my own router ? I've had a quick look but couldn't find a number or email address as the web site seems to mainly point people towards these community pages.

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You’re a superstar, thanks for your time and advice Martin 🙌🏻

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In that case, you could just replace your HUB with the Netgear router.


I am not sure if any settings would need to be changed in the router, but it looks like that Netgear device has a smart setup via an APP.


I'll retire from this now as I have no experience of real FTTP in the UK.


Best of luck !



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It’s the future fibre, we had a new fibre line fitted which is completely seperate to our phone line.

Although interestingly enough, the fibre connection comes via the telegraph pole like a phone line. It confused the hell out of me because I was expecting it being an underground cable like with Virgin.

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Which version of TT Fibre do you have ?


Is it over the phone line or Future Fibre over a real optical connection ?


If you have two boxes, then one will be a modem and you could connect the Netgear to that and have full functionality.

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Thanks very much for this, this is really useful information for me. I’m currently trialling the fibre service, and it’s limitations like this that I need to consider when I decide whether to keep the service on or not.

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I am no expert, but you have to leave the TT HUB/Router doing the modem/router function and disable DHCP on the Netgear device.


Therefore, the Netgear device is effectively just a very good wireless access point and you may lose some functionality.


You can keep the WiFi on on both if you wish, just make sure they use different channels.


If you have the Sagemcom HUB, there is a network controlled function called "WiFi Optimisation" which overrides channel selection even if "manual" is selected so best request forum staff to disable that for you if WiFi isn't switched off.


Hopefully a few who have used that Netgear device or similar will chip in with their experiences.

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Thanks for the info. So I guess the best I could achieve would be to disable the Wi-Fi on the TT device and then connect the Netgear router to it ?


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That device appears to be a router, so you will need a modem to connect to the incoming line.


No TT supplied router can be set to modem-only mode.