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Very slow internet

Cristina Stefan
First Timer



Over the past few months the internet is painfully slow. I had called Talk Talk customer service and every time they say the same thing, that there are not issues in the area and my internet connection seems fine and if I want an engineer to come and have a look will cost me extra money...Nooo I don't want to pay extra money as I'm paying already £25 per month and sometimes I use my mobile internet, as I can't even play a You Tube video. It's so frustating!!


And funny enough this problem started when I renewed the contract and I added the booster too! Can someone please help? I'm dissapointed that I can't use the internet properly, as I'm doing a onine course and I need internet all the time and now I'm stuck with talk Talk and I can't switch to another company because I just renewed the contract 😞


Thank you in advance

Community Team

Hi Cristina Stefan


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you update your Community profile to include your name, telephone number and alternative contact number, we can then look into this further (Please do not post this information on this thread)


Please bump this thread to confirm once your Community profile has been updated.