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Need help?

What is everyone's favourite ISP?

First Timer

I'm moving house soon and have to go through the rigmarole that is signing up for a broadband contract.

I'm currently with Virgin, but can't get them at my new house.

Would love some feedback from you guys as every ISP's TrustPilot is total *@#][!![]'#[@#]!*.

Can only get the BT Wholesale ISPs at the new house so that's BT, EE, PlusNet, TalkTalk, Vodafone, SSE, First Utility. Edit: Or Sky.

All the speeds are the same, my biggest focus is reliability/cost. EE's one of the cheapest, and will give me a shed-load of free data if I go with them, but their customer reviews are definitely on the lower-end of the spectrum.

What say you, CasualUK?

E2: Apparently I can also get Zen. Never heard of them but their reviews are actually pretty spectacular considering. Would anyone recommend them?

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As this is a Talktalk forum, you will either get positive or negative feedback based on people's perceptions and experience.


From my own perspective I am mostly a pro TalkTalk person, but to balance that, I have had issues with my renewal negotiations.


The issue with asking on here is that this is a forum, primarily, for help with people's issues, and recently this has been compounded by Covid19 problems closing their help centres. Posts here will seem negative as it is a help forum and most only post when they have an problem with their service. For every person who has an issue there are probably a large number who are happy who never visit and record their positive experience.


From a stability perspective, I have had no issues with TalkTalk, so really you have to decide what you want from an ISP, broadand, phone and / or TV, and make your own decision.


If you have asked the same question on the other ISP's forums you may get similar thoughts, which will only confuse the issue for you. We can't really answer for other ISP reliability or value.


to be honest, the choices are numerous, but as most rely on Openreach, their reliability should be similar.


The choice is yours, but I have been a fairly happy customer for 10 years plus.


Please note that in the current situation there will inevitably be delays in responding to you, due to the closure of customers service centres. To save everyone's time ONLY POST BACK ON YOUR ORIGINAL THREAD.
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I joined TalkTalk when they took over f2s and after a few years moved to Plusnet for a better deal and then back to TalkTalk, again for a better deal. I've just renewed  with TalkTalk as they offered an unbeatable deal.  In my experience there is little to choose between TalkTalk and Plusnet, both proved reliable and when I had problems resolution times were similar.


As for Zen they have an excellent reputation and provide the best router of all the ISPs, but they focus on broadband and a basic phone service, they don't offer  TV.  But you pay a premium for their services, so you would need to ask yourself if it is worth it to you.