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Why have I been forced to join another service provider?

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Unfortunately, I have been left in a position where I will soon have to leave TalkTalk. A few months ago I began to experience frequent packet loss, any online activity began to grow slower and slower until my network went down and then it would repeat. I measured my connection to see that I was getting packet loss and once it reaches around 25-30% your internet connection will drop and start at 0% again. I called numerous times to be met with a bot or a large queue which I cant argue with at all but once I finally got to a customer service agent, they would always say something about a port that was disabled and has now been re-enabled or something similar but with different context, nothing ever seemed to fix the problem and I believe I was just being let go because my matter wasn't contained in the script. Today I finally met someone who had acknowledged my problem I ran through the script and they said they seen my connection dropping but however, decided to diagnose my problem as hardware, I had two options. Receive knowledge online on how to put a router and DSL cable together or call an engineer that charges you £50 if he doesn't find a problem despite they said the problem was hardware. What am I meant to do?

Liam Clarke

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I'm sorry to hear this and I will take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. The sync speed looks good and the stability also looks ok. Are you connected wireless when you experience the packet loss?





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It isn't exactly clear what your issue is, but the support team here and others will do their best to help, give them a chance before you jump ship!