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WiFi connection on Laptop Windows7

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My windows laptop (Running windows7) suddenly stopped connecting to my home wifi. It connects via Ethernet. ALL the other wifi devices I have are connected. Smart speakers, tablets, phone, lights, smart tv, plugs all working fine. But when I go to connect my laptop, even though my network is listed, it WON'T connect to it. even with the correct Wireless Password. Is there a way of resetting my network adapter settings within the laptop? I've tried uninstalling it, disabling it, etc. 

Or could it just be a dodgy few days of TalkTalk that'll sort itself out eventually. But I can't understand why everything else is fine. 



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The 'Forget' button is no more. It only has Connect or Disconnect these days.

I was able to get it to connect periodically, but it was very unstable and would drop out often. Even the smart devices started to act up. So I did a complete factory reset of the Hub, and it's been fine ever since. Bit of a pain because I've renamed my network, and changed the password from the one it came with, so had to change that back. All seems good now.  Thanks for the advice.


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You could try clicking on the network icon & telling it to forget the network & try again. Beyond that, it is difficult to prove what is causing this, but not knowing the location of the laptop in relation to the other devices, it could be WiFi interference. Possibly a good starting point is to go to a command prompt & use each of these commands followed by the Enter key:-


netsh wlan show drivers 

netsh waln show interface

netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid


Then copy & paste the output into your replay.

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Oh, using the Wi-Fi Hub.