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WiFi/phone connection issues

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Hi there,


I've had a Moto G8 Power Lite phone for about 6 months now. I've never had this issue with WiFi connection on any phones/devices I've ever had, except this one. 


A week or so ago, TalkTalk were having issues with their internet/WiFi, so I checked the down website and they confirmed issues. During that time I dropped my phone hard enough that it cracked the screen. It seems that since then, my phone won't keep its WiFi connection in the house, but I just put that down to TalkTalk still experiencing issues. The router is in the living room and I walk about 10 feet to the kitchen and you can see the bars drop all the way until the WiFi symbol disappears. It won't work upstairs either. There's an Xbox upstairs that's used daily, a PS3 downstairs which is used daily, my son has his phone, but no one else is experiencing problems and they all have great strength WiFi.


Because of this, my mobile data has for the first time run out so I can't connect anywhere when I'm out (and can only connect to WiFi in the living room, can't use it in rest of house because no data left) and I'm struggling financially so it'd be great to get this sorted somehow.


I'm not sure if this is a phone issue or a WiFi issue and I don't know how to determine which one it is (or why).


Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm not very tech-minded so clear and simple advice would be lovely. Thanks.

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Hi VintageGrrrl


Thanks for your reply.


This does indicate a potential fault with the phone.


I'm not sure what to suggest if all your other devices are connecting/working ok and this has only happened since the phone was dropped.






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Hiya Debbie,


It automatically connected to my parent's WiFi (Sky) yesterday but it didn't stretch to the garden like it normally does/used to. 


At home, I have to now manually connect it, even though I've set it to automatically connect.

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I'd like to avoid that if possible as I have no idea if everything is backed up properly and would hate to lose stuff on there. It does sound like a phone issue though tbh, it's very odd

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Hi VintageGrrrl


Just to confirm, are you experiencing the exact same fault on 2 different broadband connections?


If this has only happened since the phone was dropped and if it's the same on different connections then this would indicate a fault with the phone.






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You could try a complete reset of the phone if you haven't already. If all other devices in your home are connecting OK though it does point to the phone. 

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Thanks. It connected at my mum and dad's yesterday, but it wouldn't stretch to the garden like it normally did before this issue occurred. 


It won't connect automatically at home either, even though I have set it to connect automatically and double checked it. It seemed to connect automatically to my parent's WiFi yesterday though, which is odd.

Vintage Grrrl in a modern world...

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Try taking your phone to a free public WiFi spot and see if it connects there.