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Wifi hub connection speed once moved to another town

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  • Hi we are moving to another town in the coming few weeks and looking at getting TalkTalk broadband. How fast will it be with the WIFI hub booster with the normal broadband?
  • also how much faster is the WIFI booster overall?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. 

Kieron Roberts.



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The speed you get will depend on various factors, it has no relation to the town you are moving to.


You imply that you will be getting standard broadband, but I think it is far more likely that it will be one of the fibre packages, if so, which one?


If it is standard broadband, then the distance from the telephone exchange to your house is key. The cables do not run "as the crow flies", it is the cable length/quality that is critical here. 


If Fibre 35 or 65, the distance from the nearby fibre cabinet to the house is critical.


The best way to find out the speed you will get, is to check the minimum download speed quoted by TalkTalk.

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