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Wifi keeps disconnecting, and poor bandwidth

First Timer
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My wifi keeps disconnecting every 10-15 minutes and then stays offline for a few minutes. The bandwidth is very poor, I can't switch on video during my video calls. I chatted with support for 1.5 hours yesterday as they weren't available through phone, did all the troubleshooting including ethernet cable, restarting and resetting the router, but the issue still persists. Can you please send an engineer to look into the issue as right now the wifi is pretty much unusable.


Support Team
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Hi Mrudula


Fibre tests are clear with router in sync at 40mb.


Can you check the home phone line, is the dial tone clear ?





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Hi @Mrudula,


Do you know if the problem is with the router losing its connection to the internet (in which case a light on your router which is normally constantly lit will change colour or flash), or is it that you are losing Wi-Fi connection between your device(s) and your router (in which case the light(s) on the router will just carry on looking normal).


Do you have any ‘wired’ devices, do they also lose connection ?


Assuming the issue is with the router losing connection to the internet then there are some checks you could do, you may have already covered these with the online chat team, but if not :


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to run a connection test on your line, this will indicate if there is currently a fault affecting your service. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Also, if you have a landline phone can you check to see if that is working normally (i.e. you have a clear dial tone and no noise on the line).


If your master phone socket has a test socket then you could also try the router in there, that would then eliminate any of the phone wiring in your home as being a possible cause of the problem.


The TalkTalk staff on this community will also be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within a day or two.