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Wifi unstable

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I have the most recent Talktalk router, plugged directly into the Openreach port that is facing into my living room with no obstructions. The wireless drops out at around 12pm every day for a couple of hours. I also have a very unstable connection in other rooms with the Talktalk wireless extension unit not helping at all (if I go upstairs and connect via the extender then come downstairs, the connection fails and doesn't move across). When I try and run a speed test, the website fails to initiate the test until the wireless comes back up from the outage so it is hard to prove on the Service Center. Thankfully Google has a speed tester that works with low internet speeds to I can prove my point. 


When it comes to future use of Talktalk, I also want to create a wireless mesh in my house to make it easier to manage range-wise. Through research, I want to use TP-Link, but there are many conflicting messages about how to use this with the Talktalk router. Seeing as you cannot put the TT router in Bridge only mode like with VM, does this mean that the TP-Link modem will need to be cables via ethernet to the TT router before you connect the other units to it? Some posts say yes, others say no (or remove the TT router entirely, put a 3rd party one in there like an Asus then connect the TP-Link central router to it).


So 2 main questions in all. I have had 4 BT Openreach engineers to house over the last year of having the router, and it improved for a time. But it has got worse again. 


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Slow speed, intermittent dropouts, breaks in the signal, or no signal on some or all devices, might be caused by Wi-Fi interference from other local networks, which can also lead to a permanent reduction in speed. No ISP can be responsible for your local environment, this is mainly a by-product of the popularity of Wi-Fi.

However, other factors should be investigated first. When this happens, what are the lights showing on the front of the router? Do you have any wired connections & if so, how do they perform?

Generally speaking, the 2.4GHz band suffers much more from interference than the 5GHz band, but the 2.4GHz one can sometimes have a better range, but this all depends on your local area.

If you would like me to help you, please can you specify the make/model of TalkTalk router that you are using? Just stating that you have the latest router, would probably tie it down to one of two, but they are very different to each other.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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