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Xbox One Not Connecting

First Timer



Ok, I've done 2 speed tests at different times at 5 minutes apart.


The first speed test done at 17:41 came back at 4.7Mbps.

The second test done approx 10mins later came back at 5.0Mbps.


I then ran another 2 tests almost 2 hours later:-


The first test came back at 2.0Mbps.

The second test done approx 5mins later came back at 3.1Mbps.


A lot lower results so I assume peak time possibly?


A final test done just now before posting at 20:00 has come back at 4.0Mbps.


01_Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 17.41.36.png02_Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 17.52.13.png03_Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 19.44.21.png04_Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 19.50.30.png

Community Team

Hi JonHC1,


Thank you. Speeds can vary slightly at different times of the day. When you ran the speed test (2mb) were there many devices connected to the line and accessing the internet at the same time the test was run?


Were your speeds consistently at around 5mb before the speeds started to fluctuate? When you connected the alternative router, did you also replace all the cables and microfilter?




First Timer

My son was on his xbox at the time I think but that's all. Speeds usually hover between 4Mb and 5Mb but sometimes it gets to a point where the internet takes so long to load, I have to reboot the router but that doesn't always resolve the problem, we just have to wait for it to sort itself out. All the cables and microfilter that came with the TalkTalk router were used and the same microfilter is still connected now I'm back on the Netgear router. Just a shame we can't use the TalkTalk router as although were still getting the same speeds everything seemed less 'laggy' if you know what I mean.

Community Team

Hi Jon


If you are happy all testing has been completed with an alternative router, cable and filter at the test socket then we can request an Openreach engineer visit to complete further investigations.