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how to resume broadband service

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Hi, I have been out of the UK and unable to return due to COVID so I still have the router in my flat. I stopped the broadband service (the only service we have from Talktalk) at some point in 2020.


Now I am returning to the UK on August 2021 and wish to resume the broadband service so that I will have wifi to use in my flat when I return. The electricity is cut off so the router is not switched on.


How can I resume the broadband service without accessing the router (I am still outside the UK)?


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Thank you!


Support Team
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Hi @katieyue


I suspect that the account was cancelled, therefore you will need to contact our sales team and order a new service.


You can try and do this via our website 






Community Star
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Traditional phone lines have a power supply that's separate from your household electricity supply, @katieyue, so in that respect you can have a functioning phone line.


All Talktalk packages come with line rental and therefore a landline phone number, except for Fibre to the premises, even if you didn't use it.


So Talktalk can set up your landline and Broadband again. Of course you need to have a working router etc to actually use the internet. 


You simply have to put in an order for the supply of Broadband with Line Rental and get your electricity supply fixed up in time for moving back in.


Possibly best to run some questions past Chat support, but to actually fix up the order, phone 03451 720046 - international for you, but no more costly than a normal international call to a landline in the UK. (Free if you ever need to ring them from your own Talktalk landline).


Make sure that the TV option is removed,  and any other unwanted extras. Also ask if there's to be a set up fee.


Check one-off charges etc listed here:


Chat is available on this page, when it shows with a blue background banner:


Full details of opening hours are listed there. 


If phoning is difficult for you, you can order through the Talktalk website or a third party offer. However, it tends to come with TV bundled in, so you'll still need to phone at some stage to remove whatever you don't want. 


You probably still have access to your old account. 


Having left Talktalk last year, check whether the new order will result in a new account  - it's not like simply renewing or upgrading. This would require you to use a new email address for billing purposes. 


You'll also need to check what happens to your Talktalk email address etc. Lots to check with Chat first including the most suitable package for your line. 




Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.