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iphone 12 occasionally cannot connect to router - all other devices have no problem

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My iphone 12 mini occasionally has no connection to the router (the router is a talk talk wifi hub by Sagemcom). The phone just 'hangs' - as if no data is passing to/from it. But the phone still shows wifi connection.

No problem with any other devices, including another iphone 12, and some older devices.

I have had the software and hardware refreshed by apple.

Still have a problem.

Apple said check with Talk Talk. As it is a singe device issue, the TT help desk said it is not their problem.

I am thinking of resetting the router to factory settings - but as all other devices that use the router are fine, I am reluctant to do this.

Any suggestions?


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It would be worth factory resetting the router and then re-setting this up again to see if there is any change.





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thank you fr8ys.

I also think it is the phone - however, Apple are asking me to try and replicate on another wifi. 

I dont often use other wifi, and as the issue is intermittent,  I havent yet experienced the problem on another wifi, yet. I am trying that as well.

I have now linked my iphone to a hotspot on an old ipad (Apple asked me to do this as well) - however, that link is via bluetooth, and then the ipad links to the TalkTalk router. Any thoughts on that?

I am not sure if I can hotspot another way - as the bluetooth may not show the problem.


I plan to go back to Apple in a few days time.


And i have updated my profile with my TT phone number, as suggested.


Thanks again


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my immediate reaction is that it is probably the phone, especially if another of the same model has no. Issues.

a factory reset of the router, if you have not changed your id and password, should not pose a problem to any device connecting. If you have made changes, note the names and passwords and where to update them in your dashboard. Once reset, your devices should connect without issue.

You are in the staff's queue for a response though.
For a quicker reply can you please ensure you have your personal information up to date in your profile including your TalkTalk landline phone number so your account can be traced. Link here -
If you are unsure of your phone number, you can find this in My Account or dial 17070 from your landline phone and this will confirm the number for you.
Thank you

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