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network buffering.

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Hi I am trying to watch netflix and for the last month my service is buffering, its not much better than free view and the adverts. I get around 3 mins of a film, then buffering for 2-3 mins and film get stuck on 97%. ``it only happens in the peak hours . I am wondering if Talktalk are throttling their throughput. I have tried their network checker and I am only getting 12 meg download speed, I have the best package. It does say there is a network fault but that has been there for weeks. I have called it in ,for investigation. On a tech issues, I am using the router, fast eithernet to my TV and running netflix direct from my TV. I dont use the talktalk box.


any ideas.

regards John c

John C

Retired Telecoms Consultant- Engineer
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi stockman27,


I'm sorry to hear this. Could you run a wired ping and trace route when the speed/connection is ok and also run the test when the speed drops and you experiencing the buffering and post the results into the thread.


Run a Ping or Traceroute