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I am trying to get a port inbound to a pc, i can do outbound port forwarding no problem but how do i bring a port into a particular pc ??. I have a static external ip address and the router is a HG633 but not sure if I need to use port forwarding or routing rules.




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Hi @ikmps 


@Michelle-TalkTalk has asked me to help you. You do not need to map any ports in the outbound direction. YIf you want to allow an inbound port from the router to a PC, you will need to configure port forwarding on your HG633, but that is not all.


First the HG633:-


Any device that connects to the router, should appear in the “LAN Devices” display of the HG633, and must be shown as active. The easiest way to check if a device is active, is not by the colouring of its icon, but by setting the “Status” drop down to active. Then it will only show those devices that are active.


There are two routes to the port mapping page, either via the "Internet" tab followed by "Port Forwarding" on the left, or alternatively click on "Home Network" and "LAN Devices" and click on one of the "Edit forwarding rules" links.


The HG633 is more complex than most routers in so much as this is a two-stage configuration process.


1) Create an application for the ports to be forwarded

2) Create a Port Mapping rule & add that application to it.


To create the application, first go to create a new port mapping rule (this sounds like it is the reverse order to what I have just said, but please bear with me). On the Port Mapping page, click the "Add port mapping application" link. This will take you to another page that shows a list of existing applications. Go down to the very bottom of the list, where an "Add port application" link will be found, click on that. Now complete the form, giving the application a name to reference it by later & set the protocol & ports as you need & click the "Save" button.


Now back at the Port Mapping page, allocate this rule a name, select the Application that you created only, its name you used will be in the applications list & finally set the Internal Host field to be the device that you want to forward this port to.


However, if the PC has its own personal firewall (e.g Windows Defender Firewall) the port will have to be allowed in here via an inbound rule. I can provide details of how to do this.


Once you have done everything, check the port to see if it is open by going to:- 


from a device connected locally to your router (it can be the same PC that you want to forward the port to, it does not matter).

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@KeithFrench - Would you be able offer any additional advice?


Thanks 🙂


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thanks for the info

will this set the port for inbound and outbound to that device ??


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@ikmps see here for instructions.