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sorry but I've had enough lies and promises .......

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sadly after just over 5 years with TT it's time to try someone else, probably one of the big 3, and not a phoneline based provider either. All was good until about 18months ago when we needed a new TV box, I couldn't believe the amount of hoops I was expected to jump through to acheive this ! IT WAS YOUR BOX THAT WAS FAULTY, then a while later, the router joined the previous TV box in technology heaven...sad, but again I was fobbed off for days with the usual lame excuses and jumping through hoops. can I just point something out to you guys at TT ? .... after being one of your customers for more than 6 months ....WE KNOW HOW TO SWITCH THE DAMNED THING OFF AND BACK ON AGAIN, please don't treat us like children. On both ocassions it was stressed that payment would be required if there was even the slightest fault on our side, thanks for that TT, appreciated. 

We know have internet that comes and goes like the old dial up days, it's pathetic ! but apparently there are no faults on the TT side of the install so it must be my imagination then eh ?

Anyhow, to the point much notice is required to leave this provider please ? as I , unlike yourselves, do like to honour any agreement I have entered into.


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It’s just a shame that you really have stopped caring about the customer.

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Hi martinoloughlin,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your service, we are more than happy to help you with any problems that you have. Regarding leaving TalkTalk, please see this help article





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Hahaha restricted service, THAT IS EXACTLY THE PROBLEM ,  at least that threat got a response unlike my OP which you manage to avoid replying to 💤

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Community support is normally Mon-Fri working hours.

If you cancel your DD, expect extra charges for failure to pay, restricted service, inability to change providers until account settled and possibly a black mark on your credit.

Good luck.

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I did suspect there may not be a response from TT,  typical of their customer service these days it seems. Let's see how much they want to talktalk to me when I cancel the direct debit lol.