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strange happenings on my pc

Community Team

Hi Mrs Magoo


That's good news, thanks for keeping us updated.


Debbie 🙂

Mrs Magoo
Enlightened One

Good Morning Debbie , dont worry haha everything has been going not to bad at all , just wanted to ask you if a wi-fi booster would be any good to me as i dont want to buy one then it doesnt boost the signal .

                                       Regards Mrs Mrs Magoo

Community Team

Hi Mrs Magoo,


Yes if you're experiencing wireless connectivity issues/poor signal strength on devices that are farther away from your router then wifi extenders can help 🙂


Mrs Magoo
Enlightened One

Hi Chris, and thank you for your reply and yes its the signal strength  i want to boost . so il have a look out  for one .  Any recommendations ? .

                                                              Regards Mrs Magoo

Community Team

Hi Mrs Magoo,


I don't personally use wifi extenders myself so wouldn't be able to recommend any based on experience. We do have some on the TalkTalk store, however I'm sure our other members will be able to offer some further advice and recommendations 🙂