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The future of calling

We're upgrading the equipment that we use to connect your phone service. Unfortunately, this means that a small number of older call features will no longer be available. From 29th June 2020, we’ll be removing the following:

  • Reminder call (This is just like an alarm clock, simply set a time and your phone will ring. )
  • Ring Back (if a lines engaged press 5, When the number becomes available, your phone will ring)
  • Speed Dial (Assign a telephone number to a number on your phone)

These features were included in your package at no extra cost and therefore there will be no impact to your bill when they are removed.


Take advantage of CallSafe today

Our call screening serviceCallSafe is still available for free, if you don't already have CallSafe then you can activate it by dialling 1472 from your handset or adding it in My Account and we'll start screening your calls for information see How to use CallSafe.

Still looking for some help?

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