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Fresh Indian accent had my house details and my name trying to take more further personal details of me while being so rude and didn’t understand what I am trying to say! He was fuming and then hung up on me. What a loser!

By: Anonymous

35 days ago
Just got a call from this number saying he's from Talk Talk, and he's doing a "Welcome call". I had a feeling it was a scam because he started saying... "First, can you please answer the following security questions... " . Told him Talk Talk should have my email, just email me there then hung-up. 🙂

By: Anonymous

36 days ago
Hung up the phone as i never answer dodgey numbers. Got on the live chat to talk talk who told me its a scam

By: Anonymous

36 days ago
I received a call recently from this number. I do not answer until I've research the number. Glad I found this.

By: Anonymous

36 days ago
Called a week after I cancelled my talktalk service, the woman knew my name and email address but suspiciously asked for characters from some passcode or password. Had no idea what she was asking for so I told her off and hung up.

By: Anonymous

36 days ago
Calls daily. Leaves no message. Tried to block using call safe. Number was put straight through. If TalkTalk then leave a message-very unprofessional not to. Therefore presume it is not TalkTalk so please block the number. This number has been searched for over 28,000 times. Why has nothing been done? Have recently changed to TalkTalk and didn't have the problem before.

By: Anonymous

41 days ago
They call every day till I picked up today...she talked too slowly and said she is from talk talk ! She said I cancelled my contract ...but I said she is not from talk talk otherwise she would have new information...and I hanged up the landline. She wasn't from talk talk was scam probably "using talk talk number "

By: Anonymous

43 days ago
Looks like you've been called from a TalkTalk number However it's important to remember that scammers can do something called Caller Id ... Fraudsters can 'spoof' phone numbers, this means they make it look like they're calling you from TalkTalk. By: I8this

By: I8this

45 days ago
Keeps ringing. Leaves no message.

By: Anonymous

45 days ago
Garbled message - indecipherable.

By: Anonymous

61 days ago

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