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Three calls today, getting really fed up with these nuisance calls from "talk talk" technical dept.

By: godfrey1

1 year ago
Frometheus & Pachyderm I think the problem is not the historic data hack, but the call centre in India. 1. most people who answer these calls report callers with an Indian (or similar) accent 2. in one of the recent posts here a user said that after ignoring calls on his landline he received a call on his mobile, details of which he had only recently added to his account - this suggests this is ongoing not historic 3. who is going to have access to customer data - a call centre!

By: RobHope

1 year ago
Talktalk is responsible for not having tight security when our details were stolen. Now were a being plagued with countless nuisance calls. The need to supply us with call barring equipment. Perhaps if we all divert these calls to their directors they will do more to stop it.

By: Frometheus

1 year ago

Thanks for reporting this number to us


Following a thorough investigation, we are pleased to confirm we have blocked this number on our network, which means you’ve stopped this unwanted call reaching any TalkTalk customer.


Thanks for helping Beat the Scammers! Don’t forget to keep sharing your numbers and experience.

By: CustomerSecurity2

1 year ago
I have the answer for RobHope. Personal data was hijacked from Talk Talk, was it last year? This is probably how these scammers get our telephone numbers.

By: pachyderm

1 year ago
3rd call @14:52, still getting thru despite 2 uses of 14258! So, who controls/has access to call barring set-up? From all the complaints of multiple calls here this doesn't look like a random call generator, rather someone targetting a list of TalkTalk customers, which then begets the question who has access to TT Customer lists and how is that data getting outside of TT?

By: RobHope

1 year ago
I have reported this number to TalkTalk on 08700878045, also the fact that barring it doesn't work and she has reported it to the back office team.

By: pachyderm

1 year ago
Keeps calling so annoying

By: Stephens1

1 year ago
This number rang again at 3.29, the third time today despite call barring on 14258. When I ring this number I get a ringing tone, so why can't it be blocked?

By: pachyderm

1 year ago
No numbers beginning with 01... please, I have no time to waste on these.

By: Mikolaus

1 year ago

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