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Woman on phone said she was from Scottish Power. The call was about my account, asked security questions to make sure I was the correct person for this account ( questions were the normal ones asked by Scottish Power). She knew the date my meter had been read and quoted the amount of my bill. I began to suspect something wasn't right. (1) Scottish Power have never called me at any time before. (2) It didn't match with the amount I had worked out. (3) She asked if I could pay it today. I told her I hadn't received my bill yet, she then said that I pay my bill quarterly but the cheapest way was to pay by direct account. Told her no thanks. she then told me that I would receive my bill within three to four working days when they would contact me again. After the call ended I contacted Scottish Power to question this call. When I got through to an agent after pressing the number from a given list I discussed this call with her. I was told no call had been logged to my number and a search for 01414470585 came back unknown. She thanked me for my call and said she would report it to head office. She then said as long as I hadn't given away any banking details just to ignore the call as it was a scam. I am usually careful about spotting scam calls and e-mails but at first this sounded genuine.

By: Anonymous

268 days ago

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