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Just reported this same number to talk talk. The scammer tried to get get me to download remote access software to fix my slow internet access. I think this is ridiculous that this was supposedly fixed by talk talk, as seen in the earlier thread by CustomerSecurity4 (TalkTalk staff), 72 days ago! I think this should be looked at and dealt with immediately by talk talk as a matter of urgency. Peoples online security cannot be taken lightly. The scammers were able to provide full name, account number ect.... Very poor service.

By: Kirst5

189 days ago
My call from these people happened on Saturday 18th August - so TalkTalk, you most certainly have not blocked this number on your network and they are still reaching your customers because I am one of them!!!!!! No one but TalkTalk knew my landline number.

By: Pottyj

212 days ago
My experience is the same as the first comments above except I did what they asked. I spent the weekend trying to stop all my accounts.

By: Pottyj

212 days ago
I was called by this number claiming to be talktalk. They asked me to follow a series of commands to fix erros on my PC. They also said they would be sending someone to give me a new router.

By: egarciaamaya

251 days ago
Thanks for reporting this number to us.
Following a thorough investigation, we are pleased to confirm we have blocked this number on our network, which means you’ve stopped this unwanted call reaching any TalkTalk customer.
Thanks for helping Beat the Scammers! Don’t forget to keep sharing your numbers and experience.

By: CustomerSecurity4

261 days ago
they asked me to download a software to fix my slow internet access. they knew all my details including talk talk acc number

By: Dallol

263 days ago

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