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TalkTalk, please block this number!

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
Targeted my vulnerable, elderly mother today. Cold called, despite being registered with the TPS for years and TalkTalk's maximum security settings and she handed over her bank details. I urge you all to leave a 1* review on Trustpilot, report them to TPS and Trading Standards.

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
The overall rating for phone number 02036031711 is Dangerous.....

By: I8this

180 days ago
Also targeted my elderly father I will attempt to block the call to his home phone

By: Anonymous

180 days ago
Called Cover Utility, this company targets old or vulnerable people with white goods/tv insurance over the phone. They then invented fake contracts (radiator cover, fence cover etc) and charged the debit card. They have refunded most of it since I complained but not all. If people don't meticulously check their bank statements, they just keep taking more money each month.

By: saschlet

287 days ago

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