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Caller named Anna claiming my homecare insurance for my white goods had expired and I would receive discount if I renewed now couldn’t answer any of my questions regarding policy and eventually hung up clearly a scam

By: Anonymous

9 days ago
Received a call from a man claiming he was from property care asking me if my appliances are covered by insurance kept saying I was due a discount. I them hung up.

By: Anonymous

14 days ago
Called by a woman with a South African accent,purporting to be from Homecare ( household appliances) informing me of a policy I haven't got. She carried on, saying I was due a discount, and wanted the expiry date on my card. I told her I had lost my card, and couldn't remember the date, to which she sounded annoyed. Complete and utter scam job.

By: Anonymous

27 days ago
💡 The overall rating for phone number 02039603330 is Dangerous.....

By: I8this

47 days ago
Constant calls selling household appliance insurance or renewals for a policy I don't have. They won't take 'not interested' for an answer. Scammers.

By: Anonymous

47 days ago

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