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Indian call centre. Sounded like a room full of children but it could have been other operators I could hear. Said he was "licensed" to TalkTalk (and Virgin and Vodafone...) and said that emails were not getting through because of a "broken link". I'm sure TalkTalk wouldn't contact me like that and I told him I didn't think it was a genuine service call, and that I got alerts through email. He repeated that TT had sent an email and it hadn't got through because of the supposed "fault". I told him we were on TPS list and also ex-directory and asked him to not call again. He became abusive and said that my internet would be cut off. I told him to get off the line and put the phone down. We had two similar calls yesterday, husband took them but didn't get the number before we had another incoming call.

By: Anonymous

159 days ago

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