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This number called me last night after 9 pm - I did not pick up! Called me again 10 minutes later and asked me to listen to voice mail - what the f*** is going on with Taktalk?

By: Anonymous

38 days ago
Was called at 7.05am, message left like sms stating was I enjoying lockdown and that my work's company would be re-opening in 3 weeks time when 12 weeks finish. Seem to have details or lucky guesses. My work wouldn't call me at this time in morning. Nuisance call!!

By: Anonymous

40 days ago
I received 2 calls from this number today, Bank Holiday Monday, at 7.05am and 7.11am. I have call guard on my phone but it didn’t appear to stop them.

By: Anonymous

40 days ago
i had a call from this no by mistake i press no 1 but then i hung up they called again and hung up again it is scam .

By: Anonymous

43 days ago
It is definitely the number that calls you when someone accidentally sends a text message to your land line - no need to fear! XD

By: Anonymous

45 days ago
Called at 7.40am on 17/05/20. Didn't answer it but checked out the number here. It was this one. So, still scamming you early on a Sunday.

By: Anonymous

49 days ago

By: Anonymous

54 days ago
I have received four silent calls today from 03333 440000. When answered, there's nobody there. I googled the number and discovered it is Talk Talk.

By: Anonymous

55 days ago
Called today. Said I had a text message but I didn't click to listen. If I'd got a text message it surely would just arrive in my messages...

By: Anonymous

55 days ago
appears to be SMS text message but no message there. Numbr now blocked

By: Anonymous

56 days ago

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