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03333440000 - called three times this evening, nobody spoke just silence.

By: Anonymous

68 days ago
telling me i had a text message, but hasn't stopped ringing

By: Anonymous

69 days ago
Had a wake up call from this number this morning 7.07 was a load of gobbledygook can anyone tell me who it’s from is it a scam?

By: Anonymous

72 days ago
I have had 8 calls this morning from 07:01am until 8am I am fuming it is a bank holiday !!

By: Anonymous

82 days ago
Received a text on my landline claiming it was about a Ryanair cancelled flight only they got the flight number wrong

By: Anonymous

88 days ago
Mine was Sainsburys confirming I had deleted one of my delivery addresses

By: Anonymous

90 days ago
If these people keep ringing me ,I swear I will find them and break there fingers and they wont be dialing my number anymore. Then I will report them to the Police for HARASSMENT

By: Anonymous

92 days ago
Contact as above calls, total gooblie gash, don’t what it is, just a lot of numbers and letters.

By: Anonymous

93 days ago
03333440000 called our landline after I changed the main number on my Sainsbury account from mobile to landline. Rang off suspecting a scam, but looked on your site, saw comments on AQL and Sainsburys and realised the call was genuine - all explained on AQL website. Thanks for this useful forum!

By: Anonymous

96 days ago

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