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many calls from this number one after another shown in missed calls. at same time my granddaughter got many blank messages from me on messenger while i was talking to her on the landline. Coincidence, scam or what!! Hopefully I have blocked the number.

By: Anonymous

3 days ago
Had 4 calls from this number yesterday, and no1 has my home phone number. Sort this out talk talk.

By: Anonymous

6 days ago
This number called our landline. I was suspicious so deleted. Immediately rang again - did the same thing, just done it again. Don't seem to be able to stop it. Tried ringing number separately and said number not in use.

By: Anonymous

16 days ago
I recieved a call from a mobile number 07397 886 079, it said ansms msg for me press 1. i hung up, checked the number, its a scammer. Then i got another call, checked the number after, its this number, the same number has now called me 4 times in succession. both numbers are same people!!! I am not sure how to stop this

By: Anonymous

16 days ago
Just had a call to my landline from 03333440000, previous call yesterday morning. Getting to be a nuisance, please, please B T block this number.

By: Anonymous

20 days ago
I check this out and it was a genuine message fro,my aunt& uncle and is used by a company called AQL- they have a website that is genuine.

By: Anonymous

20 days ago
This is the second time they have tried to leave a message. Talk Talk can you please BARR this number from your system? It seems you have MANY customers that are annoyed by this scam?

By: Anonymous

26 days ago
I received 2 call's for this number this evening but never picked up on both occasions. Last one was at 7pm Tuesday 2nd June. As I've only had this landline no for 4 weeks and have only given it to family, I can only presume it's a scam call.

By: Anonymous

32 days ago
Robot call says it is SMS message press 3 to receive I ignored that !

By: Anonymous

34 days ago

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