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The caller said they were from Amazon prime & asked if I wanted to cancel my account to get a refund of £79 or if I wanted to make a payment to continue my subscription. I knew it was a scam as I don't have amazon prime & know they wouldn't call me. They told me to log on to my computer & in Google type in Dsupportus they then said type in a code which was 97110 they asked me to click on an arrow on the right & was it grey or blue. I said it was grey they gave me another code to try 34944 i said it was the same as before they realised i wasn't actually carrying out the actions they required & hung up on me. They then called me a further 3 times from different numbers straight after the numbers were 012010740917 0012015783119 0712785995 I didn't go online or carry out any of the things they asked, I knew this was a scam call & just went along with it to gather information for you to investigate. Many thanks.

By: Anonymous

94 days ago

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